Thursday, November 19, 2020

Another lovely day



After days of heavy rain, we were expecting another day of rain for our Thursday hike. But again, we lucked out, and the rain went elsewhere. It was nice to see all the water in this pretty waterfall, which was pretty sad last time I saw it. Today it's roaring with rainwater.

Unexpected rays of sunlight

Six of us showed up at the Chuckanut trailhead, but right away we were too large for the new restrictions we are facing because of the virus. But one person decided to hike faster and farther by himself, and another decided to take an easy flat walk, while the rest of us (four) decided to hike up to Madrone Crest and back, so we were then within the five-person limit.

Joy, Melanie, and Dave (and me behind the camera)

It was not exactly warm, but we were all well prepared for whatever the weather might throw at us. By the time we started back after reaching Madrone Crest, Mel realized she had left her new hat on the trail, so she went back looking for it (without success). That left Joy and Dave, a married couple, and me to make our way back. They decided to make a diversion to look at Chuckanut Falls, and I headed back to the cars alone. For a group that started too large, we ended up returning almost solo.

Magnificent tree

I saw this tree on the trail, and I loved seeing all those roots holding it up. It reminded me of the recent launch of SpaceX, which sent four astronauts up to the Space Station. Doesn't it look a little like it could take off, too?

Dave on the trail

I love the colors and the autumnal feel of this picture, so I had to share it as a way to finish this post. We covered somewhere around eight miles and a fair amount of elevation, too, but I think we all had different amounts during today's hike. It was enough to make me feel pretty well worked out right now, but actually feeling well enough to pat myself on the back for doing it.



  1. My gosh, these photos... they're glorious. The first one with the waterfall looks like something from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also liked the comparison of that magnificent tree to the SpaceX launch, that was history in the making and hardly made the news. Very nice, DJan :)

  2. So if you go out all the time you will not miss the good weather! The important thing is to get out.

  3. Kind of a shame how everyone ended up alone but at least you had a CDC approved start. Loved the waterfall.

  4. 8 miles with a lot of elevation ... very impressive!

  5. Your back patting was completely deserved.
    Have another one from me - and thank you for sharing the beauty.

  6. For you, I'm sure that ending with a solo walk, it was odd...but, I'd much prefer the alone time to enjoy the beauty in silence listening to nature.

    Great photos, as always ... and 8 miles? Wow.

  7. Consider this to be a cyber pat on the back. :)

  8. That last photo could be summer here with all the greens. You were brave to venture out on your own for a bit. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough. The photos are gorgeous!

  9. Very nice hike. I had to chuckle when you said you started as a group of 6 but ended up solo.

  10. Quite the irregular hiking day but so beautiful! :)

  11. Dear DJan, congratulations! Your body/your knees seem to be back to their normal form and you must be so pleased that you can walk/hike such a distance again. Peace.

  12. That is so awesome! I love it that you're able to hike with the masks on. It's such a gorgeous trail.

  13. Eight miles! You are back up to speed!
    I love being able to go for walk with you in the woods, even if it is only virtually. I miss walking in the woods.


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