Thursday, May 28, 2020

Madrone Crest

Another trip up the Chuckanuts with my friend Melanie. As you can see here, there is plenty of cottonwood white stuff along the trail. Not snow, but just looking at it makes me want to sneeze.
Trail with sunlight
This is such a lovely area that I never get tired of coming here. Last week and the week before we had different endpoints in this area, but some of the trail is the same. By this time in the season, we are usually heading up to the High Country, so it's a real treat to see all the lovely green that I usually don't see. By midsummer much of this will be dry and turning brown, but today it was perfect.
Mt Baker through the trees
Melanie took this picture with her phone from the viewpoint at Madrone Crest. Her phone does a much better job than mine when zoomed all the way out. The weather was perfect, and we spent a short while here before heading back down.
I asked Melanie for a picture of her t-shirt and mask, showing what a conscientious hiker looks like in the Pacific Northwest today. I love the message on her shirt. It was warm enough today we didn't need any extra clothes. We don't wear our masks unless we see people coming, but she accommodated me for the picture.
Dappled sunlight
This is what the Madrone Crest trail looked like today. So many little white flowers, massive greenery, and two happy hikers. We covered 6.5 miles and 1,200 feet up and down.

And now I must admit that my lower back was in terrible pain on the downhill sections going back to the cars. As the week wore on, I believed my back was almost back to normal, but I'm afraid it isn't. Melanie acted as my coach and kept me going, but I think it's time for me to visit the acupuncturist at the earliest time I can see him, pandemic or not. By the time I began to experience spasms in the right sacrum, we were almost back to the cars. And once we were close enough that I could will it to relax, I was even able to smile! I think right now I'm limited in distance and elevation, but at least I know better: next week, no more than five miles.


  1. Perhaps like our medical people here, your acupuncturist will be taking patients again and you can feel better. Glad you got out for awhile in that beautiful scenery.

  2. Hope your back is better soon! So you can get out for more hiking!

  3. Five miles is a long way! I do four miles trying to add another soon

  4. It's always harder going downhill, don't you think? We have plenty of cottonwood white stuff across the country in PA as well.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that your back is giving you grief again and hope (fervently) you can see your acupuncturist (is that a word).
    Melanie (and her t-shirt) looks great. You have some wonderful friends and spectacular scenery.
    I do hope that by the time I read your next post the pain is gone.

  6. So sorry about your back pain! I can relate. Take care and maybe you can get to either the acupuncturist or a chiropractor soon.
    Love the t-shirt Melanie had on and all the beautiful scenery. :)

  7. The pain...oh the pain. I can feel it. But, oh what a beautiful hike!

  8. Limit yourself to 5 miles?
    5 miles!
    You're doing pretty well all things considered.
    Still, I know this is not YOUR normal and I know you want more.
    So, all the best in getting treatment.

  9. It is hard to limit ourselves when we are used to doing more. My walking is on hold now, but even then I am down to two miles. It's the gardening that I have trouble limiting.
    Your walk in the woods is so beautiful. I long to do that, even for a short hike.
    Take care of your back. I hope you bounce back soon.

  10. I do hope you can get in to see your acupuncturist and get your back fixed. I had an actual doctor visit yesterday. The whole office was extra conscious of safety so I felt comfortable. Prior to this all visits were for only labs or via phone which is no help. Hope your area will be opening up soon also. Take care and stay safe.

  11. Oh, take care of your back. David wrenched his hip yesterday while watering plants and now has to use a walker.

  12. I know it makes you happy to walk the trails, and healthy in the long run, but perhaps you'd best stick with the low elevation ones and less distance or at least until your back settles down.

  13. Those beautiful trails! Just love that vegetation. You did a lot! Maybe take it easier next week.

  14. LOve the T shirt! Perfect for a hiker! We had that fluff too. I thin it is all done now. So glad you had a good hike:)

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  16. Great image of a hiker during a pandemic!

  17. Nice hiking trails. Enjoy. They look great!

  18. I would say shorter hikes for awhile.


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