Thursday, December 19, 2019

Listening to the rain

Some of today's hikers before our party
Early this morning we intrepid hikers met at the Lake Whatcom North Shore parking lot, to have a gentle (flat) six-mile walk along the trail, before heading over to Dianne's house for our annual Christmas party. She was our hostess last year, and the size of her lovely home, along with its proximity to where most of us live, made us happy to have a return holiday visit. I didn't take any pictures of the walk; suffice it to say it was not raining, and the company made our excursion seem short.
The salad bar
We gathered just a bit before noon at Dianne's home, everyone with their dishes to share. Some people took the time to head home to change into festive duds and to pick up their food. Just as I hoped, there were plenty of salads of every kind.
Main dishes (more kept coming)
In the foreground is a huge half salmon covered with lemon slices, a vegetarian lasagne behind, a delicata squash casserole, meat balls, and much more. Those were the only signs of meat in the entire spread.
Dessert table overflowing
And oh, the desserts! This picture only shows perhaps a half of all the treats; the others either had not yet arrived or were on a nearby table. A late arrival of a homemade pumpkin pie was also enjoyed, but I could not eat another bite after I indulged in these delightful desserts. We were also to bring any drinks we wished, and I brought along an interesting hard cider that was new to me. It was a good light drink to accompany all the food.
My plate
The bright colors and delicious variety of foods made for pleasurable eating, as well as looking good as I loaded up my plate. We were all supposed to bring our own table setting, and I realized I was one of the few with a paper plate; others brought larger plates that would accommodate lots more food!
Quite a crowd
We ate and enjoyed ourselves immensely. You can see how crowded the kitchen is? Well, the downstairs area and living room were also bustling with people and conversation.
Al giving Dianne a gift certificate
To thank Dianne for her hospitality, both groups took up a collection and Al presented her a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant for her and her husband to enjoy some time later. He also thanked her for being willing to host such a large gathering.
Where are my shoes?
When it was time to leave, I gasped when I saw the pile of shoes and wondered how I would ever find my own. Fortunately, I had my cell phone, which I took out of my pocket and turned on the flashlight. Digging through the mound of shoes, I finally found my own.

And now I sit here at home, listening to the heavy beat of rain on the roof, thankful that it waited until we were done before the skies opened up. It's supposed to continue from now until the end of Saturday, so the weather gods must still be watching out for us. A nice walk, a great celebration, and the best company one could ever ask for.


  1. Wow. That is a truly impressive spread of food, and gathering of like minded people.

  2. Great food and great company with a walk thrown in...perfect!

  3. Boy would I ever enjoy all that food! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a fun gathering! I gained 10 pounds just looking at all that food:)

  5. Christmas do's with groups are the best. Our skating group does not have a party any more as the rec department has changed the program and skaters do not skate together anymore. But I did have coffee and cake with my birders.

  6. What a nice gathering! I laughed at the pile of shoes:)

  7. What a gathering. There must have been lots of food left over. How kind of Dianne to offer to host the event.

  8. Fun times had by all. Not only good food, by a festive gathering of friends. I can just imagine what the neighborhood looked like with all the parked cars.

  9. Funny, it did look like a lot of people and a lot of food but it really hit home with the picture of that pile of shoes--LOL! Looks like a great party was enjoyed again this year. Merry Christmas! :)

  10. That was a really amazing spread. Your group not only exercises well but they eat well also.
    That shoe pile was funny.

  11. What a beautiful home, food and friendship. I am so impressed. I, too, would have had a great time had I been there.

  12. How fun! The buffet looks delicious with something for everyone. I guess all that exercise allows you to eat really well!

  13. Good food, great company, and a dry hike. A perfect day!

  14. Hi, I am visiting via Marie's blog. How nice to have enjoyed a hike before the rain and then such a nice gathering for Christmas. The food looks awesome! Wishing you a nice Christmas. Mildred in Georgia

  15. What a great Christmas gathering! And that food looks wonderful! I do hope you partook of the goodies, DJan. It is Christmas!


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