Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rock/Ridge trail and more

Part of our large group today
What a day! I'm a little late getting this post up, because I had to call AppleCare to find out why my pictures didn't download from my iPhone to my Mac. Half of them came through, but not the others. After doing everything I could think of, I ended up with an hour sharing my Mac screen with a technician trying to find out what was wrong. I think now that my life can return to some semblance of normal.
The start of our hike
All eighteen of us Senior Trailblazers drove up Cleator Road to this signpost. It was overcast but very nice weather for hiking, cool and damp, but not cold at all. Our plan was to hike up this road to Chuckanut Ridge, which has lots of ups and downs but none of us minded it much. I couldn't have done it without  trekking poles, but there were some who didn't use them. I was impressed.
So green and lush
I didn't get any pictures to show you the steep Chuckanut trail, but this one shows how incredibly lush and green everything is right now. Once we got up to Gates Overlook (where there was no view at all; everything was socked in), we walked down the beautiful Rock trail.
Maidenhair ferns on Rock trail
Never before have I noticed these beautiful maidenhair ferns along this particular trail. It was partly because the fast hikers were ahead of me, and the slower ones behind, and I was all alone for awhile on this perfectly beautiful trail.
Magnificent rock face
At this point on the trail, I was completely alone, and the damp overcast took away all sounds, making it feel like I was in a different world, a magical place indeed. Once we reached the end of this trail, we headed to Fragrance Lake for a lunch spot. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of lunch, which I usually do. Once finished, however, we backtracked to the trail that would take us to Cleator Road.
Walking back down Cleator to our cars
This was the only part of the hike that I didn't really enjoy. All the rest was in beautiful forest, but it was worth it to have done this hike. We covered more than eight miles, almost nine by some devices, and 2,100 feet up and down. Not shabby at all. My wine is half finished and I'm already feeling the effects of it, and now that it's over I can say I am thrilled that I had yet another wonderful day with the Trailblazers.


  1. It sounds like that was one heck of a hike, and it looks like quite a lush place.

  2. Looks like a great hike!
    I'm curious about how you transferred the photos. I'm having a similar problem with my phone.

  3. I love enlarging your photos, DJan. Makes me feel like I'm right there in your beautiful lush forest. And I love the ferns too!

  4. You are so far ahead of us with greenery! Such a gorgeous trail! That was a well deserved glass of wine Jan.

  5. I've had strange things happening with photo downloads too, and by blog will not accept photos from my little Canon camera any more. Very strange.
    It was a good day for hiking, and you had another beautiful one.

  6. There are so many things that make each hike interesting. Each trail is different each time you walk it.

  7. So very beautiful.
    Sigh on the technology front. Wonderful when it works and a decided pain in the fundament when it doesn't.

  8. I can see why you enjoyed your time on the trail! Magical for sure! :)

  9. Love the wall of ferns! So lush and green there. My creaky body would do better on the last level part you didn't like--which I thought was still beautiful--LOL!

  10. Good hike, good camaraderie. Life at its best.

  11. Sometimes it looks like you have stepped back in time and I can see why having it all to your self would be special.

  12. just a glorious route! Thanks for sharing!

  13. As you said...MAGICAL!

    Hope your Mac woes are in the past & photos load 100%

  14. SOunds like another fun trek up the mountains. I can imagine the still spot you found yourself in...pure happiness, I'll bet!


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