Saturday, February 18, 2017

It won't be long now

My soggy garden plot
I went out yesterday between spells of rain to take a look at my garden spot. I hadn't been out there since last fall, and I took out some pesky persistent buttercups, which proliferate like crazy, along with some dead plants, and noticed that in the foreground my strawberry plants are beginning to put forth green leaves. I need to clean out the old dead leaves, but not for awhile yet. It's pretty damp out there.
Think we get a little rain?
This very soggy patch is the back part of our community garden, and I smiled when I saw that green pail, filled to the brim with rainwater. The ground behind it is too wet to walk in, and that entire section in the middle of the picture is unusable, since it gets soaked during our winter months and doesn't dry out until midsummer. Nobody attempts to plant there.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the devastation that is hitting southern California right now. This NBC News segment tells about the awful floods and sinkholes that have pummeled the area. At least 4 people have died, and many thousands are without power.
From that NBC article
Even in the Pacific Northwest, this bike rider would be considered to be a little extreme, don't you think? This is yesterday in southern California! Wow!


  1. We are living in the days of extremes. How fortunate that your garden is clear of snow already. You will have an early spring by the look of it.

  2. As you say ... Wow! I thought, as the old song says, "It never rains in Southern California."

  3. Good luck in the garden this year.Yes, it's tragic in California.

  4. Ooh dear, yes, a bit too wet to get in the garden...
    But all those signs of life are so encouraging.
    Extreme weather is most definitely the word, it's so worrying, and my heart goes out to all of it's victims.
    Have a wonderful weekend DJan.

  5. Sink holes are the worst. Whole cars can be swallowed up.

  6. I'm so glad we missed that torrential rainfall that California got. But we had a good soaker the other day. Some of my structural engineer coworkers have been dealing with all the landslides that have been happening all over Portland.

  7. I know your climate is different from ours, but gardening alreday!? Maybe we should join our daughter in B.C. After all!

  8. I love it that your garden fingers are getting itchy.

  9. Planting time is getting close isn't it?
    California is really taking a beating. Either feast or famine. I guess it is good the drought is over for them but enough is enough.

  10. I love weather. When we hear about snow in Seattle, when we're sitting in the sun in Arizona, I always wish I were there for a day or so.

  11. California is have a bad time of it with the rain. Crazy weather for sure! We had 48 today. Your garden spot looks pretty good! :)

  12. ...and we are near drought conditions

  13. My sister-in-law lives in Southern California and they've had droughts and now the flooding. Sheesh! So many weather extremes and we're going to be visiting them soon.


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