Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cemetery walk and art

Bayview Cemetery on 29 October 2016
Twenty-five women showed up this morning for our walk, even though it was possibly going to rain on us. It didn't, though, and our leader Cindy told us we'd be walking through the Bayview Cemetery since it's Halloween Weekend. Costumes will begin to emerge on the streets as tonight, Saturday night, is the big one for parties.
Still no rain, well into the walk
It's been such a different place to visit on previous years. We didn't see anything really scary on our walk today, but I did learn from this website that the cemetery is reputed to be haunted.
Among the legends connected with this cemetery are a floating apparition, hot spots and haunted monuments. One is called the Death Bed and rumor has it that anyone who lies on it will move their death closer. Another haunted monument, Angel Eyes, is believed to be home to a spirit that roams the cemetery.
Hmmm. I'll have to pay closer attention. Now that I know what to look for, you never know what you might see. Of course it could always be a costume, right? We weren't dressed up for the occasion, since we were going to visit the art studio of one of our regular members, Ebba, after the walk.
Some of Ebba's glass creations
I have a pair of Ebba's earrings, but today I learned about the glass flowers and birds that she also creates in her studio. She has worked with glass for a long time, but these days it's more of a hobby that happens to give her some income. It was so nice to see her setup.
The kiln
She also provided us with plenty of goodies, which I enjoyed very much, since I had gotten pretty hungry on our seven-mile walk. Oh, and although we didn't have a DROP of rain while we were walking, it started up just as we got in our cars to head out to Ebba's. Do you think we are just lucky, or is one of us holding the rain back? It's been raining ever since.


  1. How interesting to include the cemetery in a walk this time of year. Great planning!

  2. A fitting walk for this time of year! How fun to see your friend's studio.

  3. Love your friend's studio. And would always be up for a cemetery walk.
    Perhaps the rain holding off is a reward for your commitment?

  4. I know that artist's work. I recognize it from garden art shows.
    Yes, we held up the rain for you. It had to rain on Isaac's morning soccer match just so we would appreciate not have rain for Irene's afternoon match.
    Including the cemetery in your walk today was a fun idea.

  5. Now that's an interesting walk. There are several cemeteries around here that might make a nice walk.

  6. Now that sounds like a wonderful day all around. It must be so much fun to walk around a haunted cemetery at Halloween. I think.

  7. Hmmm...I think one of you held the rain back!
    And you will - an aside - love A Dog's Purpose!

  8. A cemetery on a grey overcast day, I wonder how many ghosts accompanied you on that walk.

  9. It's nice to have Ebba's earrings, and I love glass sculptures. You had an enjoyable walk and visit.

  10. I think your rain angels are working overtime :) A cemetery is always a great place to wander through around Halloween. We just went for a walk two days ago through a very large one here. I like to read the stones and find older ones. The cemetery is forever changing in style. Now-a-days people have trended to having photos on the stones. One can follow sickness, plagues etc throughout the cemetery. Interesting and sad, with so many children's graves when sickness took over so many small villages so long ago. We certainly are blessed to have the care we have today.

  11. so glad you had a great (uncreepy and unrainy) walk in the cemetery! and really neat to be invited to see her studio and works!

  12. I love the tree perspective in your hiking post below. It looks like you had a cemetery walk with some spooky tales included. Just like me. Happy Halloween DJan! I bet you'll enjoy a glass of bloody merlot after a good hike.

  13. What a cool idea to walk in a cemetery. Sorry you didn't see any spooks which would have been interesting--not that one that steals years off your life though. Maybe a night time walk would bring them out???
    How nice your friend has such a creative hobby that also pays.

  14. You guys have been so lucky with the rain holding off--it is almost spooky! Bah-ha-ha!
    I love cemeteries. They usually have rumors of ghosts because it is such a logical place for them to hang out--LOL!
    The glass items look really pretty from what I can see. I love visiting creative people's art spaces.
    Happy Halloween!!

  15. I love strolling through a cemetery! Lots of history there! You must be holding back the rain! :)

  16. The timing of the rain? That's spooky!

  17. Now that gives us a whole new meaning to 'rain check'!!

    I would've loved walking through the haunted cemetery!!! And, ironically, we too have a Bayview Cemetery...the oldest in Texas I believe.


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