Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skyline Divide on a beautiful fall day

Trailhead at Skyline Divide
Today only eight Senior Trailblazers met at the Senior Center for our hike to Skyline Divide. It rained all night long and although the weather forecast was for mostly dry weather today, it also seemed doubtful that we would have much view on this overcast day.
Susan and Komo Kulshan (AKA Mt Baker) behind her
But we did! The clouds were very high, and we had views all the way around. There was only one other car in the usually very full parking lot when we pulled up to begin our day's adventure, and everyone was ready for cold and rain, neither of which materialized. It was warm, although we were at 6,000 feet elevation on the ridge, and we had maybe a dozen raindrops, no more.
Dave, Jonelle, Carol (with Rich behind), Susan, Chris, Al
As you can see by the way we are dressed, we weren't cold by any means, which was a little surprising. When we traveled to Skyline Divide three months ago, it seemed much colder than today. Of course, it had been a very hot summer, but who expected us to be in shirtsleeves in October at an elevation more than a mile high? Certainly not this group. It was a really beautiful day, and we traveled along the ridge until we stopped for lunch around 12:30pm.
On our way back down, enjoying the final views
After having a nice lunch and heading back the way we had come, it was hard to leave this beautiful place, knowing that it might be the last really fantastic day we'd have this year in the High Country. The weather was perfect, and we might need to wait for another year before we are able to return.
Mt. Shuksan
In one direction we saw Mt. Shuksan and its surrounding peaks. We see this beautiful mountain from many different places during the season, but I never get tired of seeing it. Right now it has little snow, but that will change soon, if everything happens as it should.
One last look
And then one last look at Komo Kulshan before starting down the valley and returning home. By the time we returned, we had covered seven miles round trip and ascended and descended 2,600 feet. Not a hard hike by any means, but the views we had and the company we kept meant we had been infused with joy, happiness, and peace on this fine day.

Now I am at home, drinking my well-earned glass of wine and writing this post. After I hit "publish" I will be able to spend a little time with my guy and reconnect with him. I hope your day has been even a little bit as fulfilling as mine was. Life is good.


  1. you just made everyone who didn't go today very jealous. beautiful! and 8 is enough. ;)

  2. Love those mountain views! Glad the weather cooperated for you and your friends.

  3. Great description of a very good day. I think we've been lucky this fall with weather.

  4. I do love cyber-travelling with you. Thank you so much. You should have my glass of wine too- you have earned it.

  5. Sounds the perfect day for a walk to enjoy that beautiful scenery. I love the way you finish off your day with a glass of wine and writing your post reflecting on the joys of the day.

  6. Love the ruggedness of Mt. Shuksan!!
    Such a fun loving group too. You have a perfect life....beautiful surroundings, great people, friends, 'your guy' AND a shot of well deserved wine!!

  7. Proof that life is not always what we expect. ;) ;) Beautiful views of the mountains! Glad you are back home, I bet. :)

  8. These photos are food for the eyes. Awesome!

  9. The picture of the trailhead foretold a different day than what you had. Weather great, views awesome, company fine--- what is not to love?

  10. What a great hike, the mountain views are beautiful. You sound content:)


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