Saturday, August 22, 2015

Another sunny Saturday

Crazy Sally, me, Carol Bee
I had a really nice lunch with some old friends on Wednesday, and I snagged a passerby (you can see his reflection in the upper right) for a picture. Sally and Carol used to hike with the Senior Trailblazers, but Sally moved away to the East Coast and is here for a visit. Carol still walks by herself but not with groups any more. She looks pretty good for 78, don't you think? We discussed being "young old" and "old old" and she revealed to me that she's in the latter group. Both Sally and I are still "young old" at 71 and 72, but we're getting there. Somewhere I read that one is considered "young old" from 65-75; "old old" 75-85, and "very old" after that. Makes sense.
Unidentified spider
I found this guy in my bathtub yesterday morning. He's pretty large, around 2" across including legs, and I managed to get him outside into a plant. He stayed still while I took this picture with my phone. After checking on line to see what it might be, I couldn't figure it out, since most of the descriptions suggested checking the markings on the underside. No, thanks! Anybody have an idea?


  1. very cool spidey! don't know what kind, though. sweet photo of you and your friends. so at 52, does that make me pre-old? cuz i sure feel it some days! :)

  2. Nice pic of you and your friends! I would say you are all young at heart (and that's all that matters!)

    I hate spiders with a passion, so I don't have any suggestions for what yours might be. You are way nicer than me to capture and release him.

  3. No idea on your spidey. And love that you too escort them outside.
    Love the photo of you, and you young friends too.

  4. I had a spider in my bathtub for a while though it was small compared to yours. He disappeared when I turned the shower on but would be back the next day. I decided he lived in the drain & I could live with that. Then he showed up one morning with a friend. I explained to them I could not have spidey sex going on in my drain or I'd be overrun with little spidies & that was not acceptable. The friend ran for her life. When I showered I pulled the curtain back a little to reveal the first one's hiding place & showered him enough to immobilize him & sent him on a cruise down the toilet. Spidey 2 has not shown her face again. However, a few days later proof of spidey sex in the drain appeared in my tub in the form of a baby spidey. I dispensed with it in short order. That's the end of my tale about spiders in the tub.

  5. When you're 95 I think you'll forget about the "old old." You will still think you're young.

  6. You gals all look great! I think it is that time of year when the Spiders are looking for a winter home. I had one in the bathtub this week, I squished him. Sorry Mr.Spider:)

  7. It's heroic of you that you didn't squish him! I have no idea what kind of spider it is. Maybe he would have given you a look at his belly if you'd asked!

  8. Funny... well, not really ha ha... but peculiar. I had a spider in the shower the other day. Since I wasn't dressed for putting him outside, he got rinsed down the drain. Sorry - but maybe it was like a water park ride for him? My friend sat on a brown recluse in the tub once. Not a nice story.

    Your friends look very nice. But I think of 70 as old... never knew there were categories of "old"... actually never thought of it at all till I arrived there.

  9. Nice to know I qualify as "young-old" . Fun y how we have to label everything.
    I'm afraid any spiders in my shower would be labeled "dead".

  10. Whenever I see a spider in the house, I kill it with a fly swatter. Lol.
    Good to know that I am still considered a young-old.

  11. You and your friends are looking good. Sorry to hear about those age dividers. According to that, last ;month I became old, old. Yikes.
    How nice of you to catch and release the spider.

  12. I will always be YOUNG AT HEART!! No such thing as old.

    LOVE the photo of you three.

    But...the spider...keep in in WA. please.

  13. I've popped over from Elephant's Child! I saw your comment as I read through for judging the entries. I just want to personally invite you to participate next time! We are hosting a Halloween challenge and the scope is wide open!
    I see you like photography, too. Wonderful!

    Would love to have you in October!

    Denise, Host of WEP :-)

  14. Nice pic Djan of you three, and no knowledge about the spider. All I know is that my niece informed me that I am the age of what is determined to the the "new 59". I'm good with that. ha,ha

  15. You all look fabulous!!
    Our neighbor Marianne's sister, Helen, who we've gotten to know over our decades here, turns 102 on Wednesday! I suppose at 102, she's considered pretty old! She's doing fantastic.. still takes the bus to go buy her own groceries.
    I feel lucky to know so many strong women to inspire me as I, too, grow older. :)

  16. In your bathtub? Double Arrrrghhhh!


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