Saturday, July 4, 2015

A great way to start the holiday

Helen, Ebba, Peggy, Cindy, Terry, Penny
Fifteen of the Fairhaven walkers met at Cindy's home (she's our leader) for our annual Fourth of July walk and potluck. (The Cindy in the picture above is a fellow walker, not the hostess.) This is the first time since I joined the group that the holiday falls on our regularly scheduled Saturday. We gathered in the cool of the morning (8:00am) and took off for a hilly four-mile walk right from Cindy's front door.
Our trail
We are so fortunate to live in a place that gives you the opportunity to walk out a front door and in just a few minutes reach a fantastic maze of trails. We walked for about an hour and then came back to enjoy a really wonderful potluck together.
On Cindy's back porch
Cindy's back porch is shaded by some enormous trees, and we settled down to the task at hand, to experience some fabulous dishes brought by our friends. We only had a few cooked dishes, because it's been so warm, but the variety of flavors was wonderful.
I had a really interesting dish among all the others: watermelon squares seasoned with feta cheese and basil. It sounds a little strange, but it was simply wonderful. I brought curry lime chicken from the Co-op, which I've had before and knew everyone would enjoy (they did).
Me showing off my earrings
I received many compliments on my shirt and earrings. Ebba, in that first picture, is an artist who creates wonderful glass earrings, among other things, and I bought these from her. The shirt is a Royal Robbins UPF 50 shirt that is supposed to keep the sun from burning through. I wanted it in white (so it would be cooler), but they didn't have one in my size, so I got this one. Fortunately it matched my Ebba earrings perfectly.

I think I'll settle in for the day and stay inside where it's cooler. We've got a teeny bit cooler temperatures today (it's only supposed to reach 82) before ramping back up to 93 tomorrow. Hope you stay cool and safe on America's 239th birthday today!


  1. What a beautiful setting for your brunch. I wouldn't have wandered far from that porch.

    Last week I made a watermelon salad with feta cheese for a church barbecue. Mine had red onion and cucumber in it. Very refreshing for this hot time of the year. Happy 4th.

  2. amazing settings...the walk start and her patio for the brunch. Lucky ladies!

    Cute shirt and earrings...hope you stay cool in the coming days! We actually are cooling down a bit, which is nice. High-mid 70's is all for the next week. :)

  3. what a nice way to celebrae together - exercise, food and companionship! the shirt/earrings is a good color. :) try to stay cool and safe!

  4. I regularly follow your blog to find out about all the hikes and see all the great pictures. As someone who lives in drought-stricken California, I really appreciate the pictures of the green trees, waterfalls, and wildflowers. Have a great rest of your 4th!

  5. Walkers, skaters, and hikers are all very supportive groups. So you not only had a good walk but good food and laughter.

  6. Love your shirt and earrings! The blue color looks very nice on you. Yeah, I stayed inside and did chores today. It was 95 degrees here. Ugh!

  7. Love those earrings. Bluer than the sky.
    I am so happy that you had such a wonderful celebration.

  8. The colour looks great on you - I like the cut of the cloth and great earrings. So nice to gather and celebrate with your walking friends like this. The food looks quite delicious and most healthy. Happy 4th to you as well.

  9. That shade of blue suits you, simply beautiful. You know how I love jewelry.

    What a wonderful deck, too, shaded by those trees.

    Glad you had such a good time.

  10. The food sounds perfect for a hot day....;)

  11. Looks like fun! And I'm going to try those watermelon squares.

  12. The earrings and blouse were meant to go together. :)
    What a great path to walk. Lovely spot for a pot luck, too.
    I hope it cools off your way. 90s! Good grief!

  13. I love your shirt earing combo and you look gorgeous after that walk. I can imagine watermelon with feta. Yum!
    I must say Cindt!s deck location is aslo very lovely.

  14. Lovely pictures of your friends and potluck meal. As you know I love to hear what you've been eating because it is always so different from what I have. What's in the cup though? I can't make it out?
    Your earrings are very pretty and the colour suits you. Blue is definitely your colour (in my opinion).

  15. I agree, very cool to be able to walk out the door right onto a hiking path. We got our July 4th exercise doing Salsa in the Park.

  16. You are so lucky to have all those trails you go walkng on!

  17. We were home by midday to celebrate INDOORS too. Walking the beach early.

    I like the trails you find..and yes, lucky to have such beautiful, pristine countryside so nearby.

  18. Pretty earring ...pretty you! Blue suits you well! Hope you get some relief from the heat. The smokey haze is back, it was almost gone yesterday. It is cool 68 for a high today. :)

  19. I agree! You look great in blue, Jan. You really do and the earrings are beautiful on you.


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