Saturday, May 16, 2015

A 4-year-old violinist and today's garden

He's really good and only four
After the usual walk with the ladies this morning, I went to the Farmers' Market, not because I needed anything, but because I wanted to soak up a little local color. I saw this young busker on the corner who was attracting quite a crowd. He played at least four different tunes while I listened, and I saw that his father was keeping an eye on him and telling him what to play next. I asked the dad how old this young violinist is, and he told me that he's four. Then I noticed that he is missing his left hand, but I didn't ask why. He is simply very good, hand or not, so now you've met him, too.
Sugar snaps and bamboo teepee
Now to my garden. I went out there a few minutes ago to check on things, and to show you how much those sugar snap peas have grown since last week. They are already beginning to reach for things, so I bought this bamboo teepee to give them something to latch onto. By this time next week they will have grown onto it, I suspect. One bit is already sending out a tentacle and heading that way. Isn't it amazing?
Joe's Best spicy salad mix
I bought some spicy salad starts and stuck them into the ground. In just a week, they are all looking very good; there must be half a dozen different greens, which I'll be able to identify quite soon. You can see a broccoli plant in the top of the picture, and a few yellow onions here and there looking a little less bedraggled than last week. 
Romanesco broccoli
I was worried that my romanesco was being attacked by bugs, but when I looked closely, there are little buds that I hope are supposed to be there. When I looked at pictures of this plant on line, I didn't see any with little purple buds. Anybody have an idea what they are? It's early in the season, but I am really mystified.

Now that I've had my Saturday exercise and plan to go to a music concert tonight, I am ready to settle into my favorite chair and read. I've got a book I'm trying to get through before I must return it to the library early next week. Hope all is well in your part of the world!


  1. Talented young boy....amazing!
    And....that looks more like a purple cauliflower... (??)

  2. Such a talented boy. And I love that neither he nor his family seem to accept that his disability limits him.
    Yay for your garden - and I would agree on the purple cauliflower front. Yum.

  3. so very young to be talented! very cool! glad your garden is doing pretty well!

  4. What a wonderfully talented little boy, I have a feeling we'll be seeing him on stage one day.
    Your garden is doing well, I've never seen a Romanesco broccoli it's unusual, and quite different.
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the music concert !

  5. Have a wonderful time at the concert, DJan. That little boy is adorable. How sad that he's lost a hand, but it's wonderful to see that he is able to do what he does in spite of it.

  6. I think you may have a purple plant there...sometimes seedlings are mis marked. I hope you are having a great weekend:)

  7. The violinist is a whiz kid in many ways. I'm just starting to seed my garden and it's early to seed at that!

  8. Your garden is very impressive; the four-year-old boy even more so!

  9. The little violinist is wonderful.
    Growing things are a wonder, aren't they.

  10. Wow - only four years old! Very impressive! Your garden is looking good! We've got a mole in ours.....he's eating all our seeds. My hubby is setting out traps.

  11. Amazing how that little boy can play the fiddle without a left hand. Good for him.

    I know nothing about plants, so enjoy the concert tonight.

  12. Amazing young fellow at only four to be so talented. Purple cauliflower - enjoy the concert. We haven't started planting yet, but soon my friend, soon.

  13. Looks like you are going to be eating some great vegetables. I love peas in the pod and mother used to have to chase me out of the garden when they got big enough to eat.

  14. No clue what it is, but it looks beautiful.
    The boy is a marvel. I hope he is doing that because he actually wants to. I always wonder about that with child prodigies.
    Your farmer's market would draw me, too, even if I didn't need anything. ;)

  15. That lad is remarkable isn't he! He hasn't let his disability hold him back. Wow and well done to his dad too.
    I think your plant could be purple sprouting broccoli? Keep us informed please before you eat it all up, lol.
    Enjoy the concert tonight DJan.

  16. You do find the most adorable little guys. What a talent and how great not to let his disability slow him down.
    I have never seen broccoli like that. Will be interested how it turns out and tastes. Love your teepees.

  17. Remarkable little four-year-old! And your garden is starting to look good enough to eat!

  18. Those peas are looking great! No plants actually in the ground yet; two weeks til risk of frost is over.

  19. I feel a little uneasy about a four year old busking. Am I just misjudging the situation?

  20. That little boy is phenomenal. I'm sure glad you shared his talent and short bio with us.

    And your's coming along. Time soon for least it will come quicker than you think.

  21. The little guy is cute. He is playing his violin on the opposite side of his chin so he can bow with his missing hand and finger with his good one. Sadly he will have trouble as a player in a major orchestra because of this.
    Your garden must be bursting with goodness now


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