Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Pacific Northwest kind of day

Kirk, Chris, me, Rich humping along
Not many of us showed up this morning, only seven, with the forecast for a day of rain, yet again. After last week's aborted hike because of wind and sideways rain, I was not really looking forward to more of the same. But, as I've learned time and again, you can't always go by the weather report to figure out how your day will be here in the Pacific Northwest. The only way is to go, rain or shine. As we left the Clayton Beach parking lot towards the south Lost Lake trail, there was a light sprinkle. Nothing much, and we were ready.
The group with Samish Bay behind us
Once we got to the trail to Lost Lake, the rain came and went, but there wasn't much of it, and Steve figured if we took a short side trip, we would have an unexpected view of the bay. Up at the top, the wind was blowing pretty hard, and you can see the various weather events happening in the sky behind us. We then backtracked a short distance to regain our trail. Since the weather was better than expected, we continued on toward the Rock Trail cutoff and decided to head on up. We knew we could make a loop from the Overlook to Fragrance Lake and down to the cars at the parking lot.
The trail heading upwards to Gates Overlook
This is a beautiful new trail that is a pleasure to hike, even in the light rain we experienced. Although every once in awhile we could hear some light wind in the trees, it only really blew when we were at the top; on the trail, it was just enough to keep us cool as we hiked along.
Licorice ferns along the rock trail
My pictures this week are all taken with my iPhone, since I didn't want to subject my other camera to more rain. As it turned out, I could have used it and gotten a bit better pictures, but my phone sufficed to capture the flavor of the day. On the Rock Trail, the licorice ferns grow heavily out of the soil on the rocks to make a really pretty display.
Steve, Chris, Carol, Al, Kirk
Lunch time! As you can see from our pack covers and rain gear, it wasn't completely dry, but we expected it to be so much worse when we stopped for lunch at Gates Overlook. We couldn't believe that all we had to deal with was a gentle rain. No wind and relatively warm to boot.
A little light play with golden leaves
Every once in awhile the skies would brighten, and I was able to capture this tree showing what's left of the beautiful fall colors on the trail. We live in such a wonderful place, and it was so much better a day than what we anticipated that I think I can say it was a very nice Pacific Northwest kind of day. We walked almost nine miles in total and had about a 2,500 foot elevation gain and loss. Although I'm tired, it's a good tired, after spending the day with dear friends in a very beautiful place.


  1. so glad the weather was kinder to you all today!

  2. and i love the hunchback photo. :)

  3. How very, very beautiful. Good friends, an activity close to your heart and scenic splendour. Difficult to ask for more...

  4. cool...glad you enjoyed the new trail....and the weather was better than expected....

  5. Being out in inclement conditions makes people much tougher in all ways.

  6. The intrepid adventurers set out again on a lovely trail. And you provided us with picture — very good pictures at that.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, DJan!

  7. What a colourful group you looked in those rain capes. I agree with you it is good to get out in the fresh air despite the rain.

  8. spending time, hiking, feeling a 'healthy tired' afterward along with good friends...that's what counts.

    Rain or shine.

    Love the fern outcropping. And the view of the bay behind you all. But those pants on Rich...'they gotta go'!! [wink]

  9. You guys look really colourful out there.....maybe more so because of the rain. I really like the large licorice ferns hanging over the rocks. Nothing much stops you and some of yer crew DJan. You rock girl :)

  10. I guess you can never believe a weather forecast. Lol. Your phone took some very nice photos.

  11. You are so brave to just get out there and enjoy nature however she comes out. Loved your pictures of what you got to see on your adventure. And such a lovely time to enjoy your friends.

  12. Not too wet, good pictures too. I walked just over 9 miles on the Padilla dike (twice from my car & back), not too wet there either (till I was done). Heading south for grandma duty, then vacation!

  13. Nice shots to give us a fell of the day. I like your attitude- go anyway rain or shine- then get prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

  14. What a fabulous area to hike in!

  15. You certainly are a girl for all seasons. Makes me wonder how many neat days I might have missed out on listening to the weather man. If you have the right gear like you all do, go for it.
    Of course sideways rain would be another matter.

  16. I stayed indoors and got a lot of work done, then went to the gym for my exercise. Better the elliptical trainer than nothing.

    Your exercise was way prettier, though.


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