Saturday, December 14, 2013

Feels balmy out there

Lake Padden at sunrise
It's almost 45 deg F outside today. Our walking group met at Lake Padden for a couple of trips around the lake. There was a chance of rain, but we didn't see any, and after the exceptionally cold weather we've been having, it felt downright balmy in comparison. We are not likely to see the sun today, even though it looks like those clouds might be going away. Nope.
Ladies after a nice walk
After the walk, I snapped this picture with my cellphone just as I was leaving to head out to the Farmers' Market, which is still going on in our part of the country. Next weekend, the 21st, is its last day until next April, but mostly the things for sale at this time of year are not fresh veggies, but gifts for presents.
Beautiful batik and the artist, Margot
I love these wonderful designs that Margot makes, and I'm never without some of her handiwork, such as a hanky in my pocket and almost always a silk scarf around my neck during the winter. Check out her Etsy shop for more beautiful things she creates.
Creative shell animals
On the way out of the market, I ran into this guy who makes these great pins for sale. He creates them and gives the proceeds to the charity of your choice. He has already given $1500 to the Food Bank this year, and the $5 I gave him for a little turtle pin was my contribution. Plus I've got a whimsical little turtle to wear. I took one of those to the left of his hat. But I especially like the raptors on his head! Now I'm settled inside for the rest of the day, determined to spend enough time with my new Kindle to figure out how to use it properly.


  1. i like the gent who creates the pins for charity. how sweet. :)

    you're warmer than we are, presently. 42, overcast and a bitter, damp north wind blowing. i only walked 1/2 mile to the mailbox and back. :)

  2. What a nice outing. I like the batik and pins, too.

  3. Those turtles are cute. I'm so impressed that this man creates these items and donates his proceeds to charity. What a huge, caring heart he has.

  4. Those pins looked great on his hat. How clever.

  5. What fun to buy one of those pins on his head. That's such a clever and generous idea.

    Chicago's last day for Farmer's Markets is usually around Halloween time. It's nice that we never have a last day in Hawaii.

    I hope you see some sun soon.

  6. ha. i bet that last guy was fun...was great when we went to ashevlle because they have so many of the craft and art shops...amazing to see what some people make....

  7. So a weather change does wonders to the mood. Our poor old market closes in early Oct.

  8. I do love to see the wonders that those with an artistic bent can create.
    Have a wonderful afternoon at home.

  9. I love those old buzzards on his hat!
    and I love that he sells them for charity.
    I walked this afternoon and really enjoyed the warmer temps.

  10. Glad someone is enjoying balmy weather! Our farmer's market is only for 5 months.

  11. Aren't Kindles great? I'm still using a very large, simple 2nd generation model. It works just fine though so I can't justify the expense of a new one.

    The immediate gratification of finding a book to suit a mood and having it available to read within seconds is addictive, isn't it?I have to be careful not to spend too much on eBooks. The library will always have a special place in my heart, but more and more I get my reading material through my Kindle.

  12. You enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery, I always smile at your adventures.
    Love those little pins !

  13. It's been nice over our way today too. It is in the mid 50s and sunny but I know that won't last long.

    I just love those little pins. I would have to have on of those bottle cap creatures from his hat.

    I hope you enjoy your Kindle and will review it for us. I don't have the Kindle but I do have the Kindle app on my tablet and phone.

  14. That does sound balmy!! Glad it didn't rain.
    What pretty batik and what a sweet thing for that man to do with the payments for his pins. :)
    Good luck and figuring out the new Kindle. I think you will have greater success than I ever would. Not kidding--LOL! ;)

  15. Enjoy that new Kindle of yours, I know you will. ;o)

    Those shell animals are so whimsical and fun. It's good to know there are kind hearts like his still around.

  16. What fun! I love markets like this, with local crafts for sale.

  17. That fellow is very kind..and his animals are very cute! he has quite an imagination!
    Balmy here today too 22!!! Yes! Can you believe neither:)

  18. It is true, the weather has been warmer than usual. Here today it is 58 F and sunny. I wish I could walk outside but need to do some packaging and postcard writing. Your market sounds like such a great place for shopping or just looking as you have so many talented people there. Those pins are ingenuous – will you take yours in picture?


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