Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cub Creek 2013

(back row) Ward, Peggy, Linda, Rita, Maggie, Diane
(front row) Amy, Al, Noriko, Steve (I took the picture)
On a glorious day with sunshine, perfect temperatures and a light breeze, eleven Senior Trailblazers headed up the hike we call "Cub Creek." We attempted this hike three times last year, and only the last one was really good. You can read about them all right here, if you want. It's a link to our November hike, with links included to the two previous ones. Today was simply stellar, one of the best of the year so far. It's hard to compare them, but I'm sitting here feeling very happy that I went out today.
This hike is definitely uphill all the way to the south summit of Stewart mountain. But it's on pretty trails like this one, as well as old logging roads for other parts of it. Five years ago when I first started taking this route with the Trailblazers, it was almost all on logging roads, but now we have more than half of the distance on these trails.
Logging roads are nowhere near as pleasant to hike on, but to get any good views, we do need to navigate some of them, as well as a few places where we had to bushwhack through some heavy brush. Steve and Al went on ahead and managed to snip and saw some of the larger pieces so that those of us following would be able to make it through without getting whacked by the branches.
A couple of times they even sawed through some smaller logs to make it easier for others who will be following us to find the trail. That's Al in the hat and Steve in the blue, working away at that fallen tree. I, of course, was busy documenting the action. Not to mention being grateful for being able to walk through rather than having to straddle the tree.
By the time we stopped for lunch, we had spectacular 360-degree views from our summit spot. Here you can see the Twin Sisters range, with Mt. Baker hidden by clouds to the left of the picture. It was simply splendid, and we all settled in to have a nice lunch. Because there was a breeze, we donned our coats, but it was only because when you've been sweating and working hard, any breeze at all makes you feel the chill.
In this direction, we had views of the bay and the Olympic Mountains of Canada. By this time I was very happy to rest a while, since I'm still recovering from the bad cold I got last week. In fact, yesterday I went to my doctor to be treated for a severe sore throat. I know I shouldn't have gone today, but the weather was so fine that I couldn't help myself. My friends were all solicitous and helpful. Although I should have been the one doing this, Peggy made perfect use of the nice slope and basked in the sunshine.
Ah, sunshine and a full tummy!
Afterwards, we headed back down. Since we ascended more than 2,700 feet in elevation, going back down was much quicker, if not so pleasant on my knees. Without the trekking poles, I could not do this kind of hike, but I was not alone. We were all thinking it must be a very long hike as we descended.
But it wasn't all that long, really. I would have thought it was ten miles, but it was under nine. Al says it was eight-and-a-half miles, but Steve said that must be for one way! The elevation gain and loss contributed to the sense that it was longer, but now as I sit in my favorite chair, sipping my wine, I'm thinking it was just right.


  1. Gee, what beautiful views of the mountains. That in itself would have been thrilling for me. Good that you were able to share these photos with us, DJan. Hope your sore throat improves.

  2. I can't imagine your hike today was bad for your sore throat. It appears to have been delightful.

  3. sounds like a real workout - both the climb and the descent. i know my knees wouldn't like it either. :)

    so glad it was a beautiful day - even if you shouldn't have been out there! :)

  4. wow the view from the summit is pretty amazing...and 360 too...very cool...good on them for clearing the path as well...i am sure others will def appreciate that too...

  5. I am not only impressed that you all hike such healthy distances, but that you actually have to sometimes break trail is incredible. I wish I have a tenth of your drive.
    The view was breath taking.

  6. Such a beautiful day for a hike!

  7. Oh wow, look at all that sunshine and those magnificent views.

    Sorry to hear about your sore throat DJan. Looks like it didn't slow you down all that much. Enjoy your glass of wine, you deserve it.

  8. You captured some breathtakingly beautiful photos.
    Thank goodness for Al and Steve blazing the way!
    Continued prayers for your complete recovery.
    I'm so glad the weather and temperature were great for hiking.

  9. Going down is always the worst. I can tell by how you write this post that you had a great day. There's nothing better than sitting on a summit enjoying the view unless your on a cliff with a huge drop off.

  10. While you were climbing in the mountains, I was gardening here in the lowlands, but we both were enjoying the sunshine and I, too, had my lunch outdoors today. What a lovely day it was!

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    Blessings and Bear hugs; Peace and Joy.

  12. 'but I'm sitting here feeling very happy that I went out today.' I have never heard you say anything else about your hikes. Even ones with less than ideal weather conditions (read simply awful weather conditions). Your positive attitude and your drive are always a joy.
    And you deserved wine o'clock - as you always do.
    Now concentrate on getting healthy again. Please.

  13. So glad to read a post that the sun was out. I'm really impressed that you had two Lewis and Clark types leading and clearing the way for the rest.

  14. I can't say I blame you for taking this hike despite not feeling well. I'm glad you got beautiful weather for it but suspect you might have thought twice about a rainy day with that sore throat. Who am I kidding.. you'd have gone. ;)

  15. What a spectacular view from the top! I can see why you wanted to go on a nice day. I love the parts of the path in the woods, but having to bushwhack your way through--OMG! Take good care of yourself! :)

  16. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure. And yes, "downhill knee" is not fun.

    P.S. If you're looking for the questions to answer, they're on my blog, with the award.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  17. You are motivating me. We've decided to try a hike soon. Some of those photos look like The Sound of Music. Wow! It's so gorgeous and what a lovely bunch of friends.

  18. What a glorious view from the top making the climb worthwhile. And ending in a comfy chair sipping wine- brava!

  19. that first image, with the foot bridge, the area looks so very tropical!!! And then the snow capped scene in another takes me to a Neaplistic feeling!! Loved this. Oh, and climbing up is difficult for me, the going down is a cinch. LOL

  20. I hope your sore throat soon eases D-Jan. That sounds nasty. Glad you enjoyed your hike though.

  21. WOW, I would be glad to have the use of those trekking poles in this hike. How handy and wouldn't want to be without them. I am so happy for you to have such a glorious day DJan, even with your sore throat, it was well worth the most beautiful views and lunch with friends on the top with those stunning photos. Hope you didn't suffer next day with the throat. Take care and good health.

  22. What beautiful and dramatic scenery! Sounds like a great hike.

  23. Nice to see some new growth on those logged out areas! The views are stunning. Hope you are all better soon:)


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