Saturday, September 29, 2012

Early fall day

I woke this morning to clouds and sun. This view from my new front porch shows Mt. Baker obscured by clouds, but a lovely sky. I also, unfortunately, woke to the realization that I'm coming down with a cold. Sore throat and lots of sneezing. This means I probably will not be able to go skydiving tomorrow. Blocked sinuses are not compatible with going up to altitude in an unpressurized airplane. I know: back in the days when I couldn't stay away, I tried. Not a fun experience, plus I could damage my hearing. So I'm probably not going.
I went to the Farmers' Market to check out the produce and pick up a few things. I was impressed with all the lovely colors of these winter squash, and I asked my favorite farmer if it is appropriate for me to leave the delicata squash in my garden after the leaves have wilted. She told me yes, but be sure and harvest them before the first frost, or they won't keep well.

As I was leaving her booth, a man walked up to me and asked if I am "DJan-ity." I smiled and acknowledged that is me, all right. He said he never misses my blog and wondered how he might join our hiking group. I told him that he needs to join the Senior Center and meet us before 8:00am on Thursday. "Yikes! That early?" he said, so he may or may not join us. It is curious to realize that people I have never met feel like they know me because of my blog. It's not an unpleasant feeling for me, but it makes me realize that I need to be sensitive to what I write about others; privacy needs to be honored. I knew that already, but a reminder is always welcome.
My new next-door neighbor (who will remain anonymous) has these lovely geraniums on her front porch. They were vibrating from the rays of the sun and I couldn't resist a picture. Every time the early morning sun catches them, they light up the entire area. Aren't they pretty?

I have taken some cold medicine and am now ready to nestle into my easy chair and read a book. My short excursion out of the apartment was enough to make me realize that I need to rest today, wrap myself up in a nice blankie and hunker down.


  1. oh, i'm glad you're going to skip tomorrow's diving. sounds like your body needs a break/rest.

    i think i'd freak out if someone recognized me from my blog. :)

  2. Oh dear. I do hope whatever is ailing you makes only a short stop. Rest is for sure a good thing.

  3. wow they are beautiful flowers...on one hand it is pretty cool you were noticed...but then too it was a nice reminder...ha...had one of my students find me...not sure how that is going to play out...oy

  4. Aww, so sorry to read you are feeling poorly, I hope after a good rest and medicine, you'll be feeling better.
    Lovely Geraniums, and you get to enjoy them too !
    I once met a lady from Liverpool England who came to lease an apartment, she told me she had been reading a blog of an English lady living in Tennessee, and when I asked her it's title she said A Brit in Tennessee... !
    Can you imagine the surprise :)

  5. I used to be a liturgical musician. People would stop me on the street and talk as though we were old friends. I rarely had the slightest idea who they were.

    You should be feeling fine by next weekend!

  6. Rest, get better! You can't be sick next weekend.

    I think you needed some down time. I loved the photo of the geraniums.

  7. You must skip the jump. Hearing is very important! You wouldn't want to have missed--"Are you Djan-ity?" ;) Your body is telling you to take a break. A little vacation is in order.

    The squash look just so healthy and yummy! And, yes--those geraniums are a sunny shock of color. :) Rest and relax!!

  8. Yelp, read a good book and rest yourself. Only way to really get rid of a cold, rest and water.

    Since I've moved, a couple of friends have mentioned my blog and I've realized I need to be more conscientious about what I write. For the most part, I refrain from writing about people I know anyway.

  9. Yes, it's wise to take care of the cold before it develops into pneumonia.

    I finished reading the last essay in that Anna Quindlen book you recommended and now plan to go back to the beginning and read the essays I skimmed through. There's nothing better than reading a chapter a day, word for word!

  10. Take care of you, Jan...
    I wish you rest and lots of feel-better hugs.

  11. The photos, as always, are lovely. By the way, I heard The Master features terrific acting but that it's a "crazy, bizarre story."

  12. We walk a fine line with the privacy issue. I change names and do not show pictures when I write about people I know.
    Get better soon!

  13. You always write kindly of everyone you know, DJan. What fun to be recognized from your blog! I would so love to bump into you!

  14. Take care of yourself. You are soooo important to so many of us. And how I envy that nameless man. I couldn't do your hikes but as an early riser I would love to see you off, (and cheer your return).

  15. Feel better soon....colds, no matter what season, are nasty and no fun. [guess I'm hungry and need to feed myself as I typed "BUN" at first instead of 'fun']

    Anyway, yes, it's always a shocker to have someone that is totally a 'stranger' and they know who you are by your online name since reading blog posts. I had that happen and it just blows my mind. Hope he's not a lurker.

    Love the beautiful geraniums in the sunlight. As do I love your apartment view of the mountains.

    Now....take things easy...enjoy your book and get REST.

  16. Hope this finds you well rested after taking day off with sniffles and sneezing. Yes, the geraniums are really beautiful with the sun kissing the petals. I am an early riser, so if I lived closer I would love to be hiking on those wonderful trails into the mountains in your area. Each and every post makes me feel that I am there and I truly enjoy your very beautiful photos.
    Hope you are well soon and returning to all your beloved activities. Take care.

  17. Hope you feel better soon. Far Guy came down with a terrible sore throat has been going around. I hope I escape..I have just been throwing his kisses:)
    Those geraniums are lovely..and I envy your view even if it is cloudy...I cannot imagine seeing a mountain out MY window.
    The other day I saw an acquaintance..I asked how are you doing? They replied just fine (I hate that response) and THEN they said "WE all know how you are doing because we can read it in the paper" (referring to my local blog)...I just smiled..but I thought about it for a long time.
    Time for some reflection maybe:)

  18. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Colds have significant "nuisance value." Do take are. Blankie and rest is a good combination. Jumping out of airplanes — I think not.

    So, you met a member of your "fan club." Bloggers report that is such an interesting occurrence. The only one I'v even et is someone i knew before blogging.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  19. Feel better soon and enjoy the view from your new front porch!

  20. Oh DJan, I'm sorry to hear you are coming down with a cold. Take care of yourself and get over it quickly so you can enjoy the last of our gorgeous fall weather. My favorite remedy is zinc.

    How fun it must have been to be recognized for your blogging. Here I get stopped by those who recognize me from my 'cat' work. Hiker/blogger or cat lady? Hmmmm! LOL!

    Those flowers are so pretty!

  21. I have a friend that says she can't wait for Wednesdays and my recipe posts. Of course that made my day!

    Get well soon DJan.

  22. Dear DJan, I hope your cold is better today--Monday. Often these late summer/early fall colds linger and I'm hoping that yours won't become attached to you!!! Peace.


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