Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Oceans Day

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Cris over at Here and There and Everywhere is hosting a World Oceans Blogathon on World Oceans Day, June 8. I know that if there was ever a time for the world to take a look at the incredible importance the oceans hold for us, it's now. Here's an excerpt from Cris' blog about the Blogathon:
I have once again signed up to host an OCEANIC BLOG-A-THON. Those of you who participated last year know what it's all about, but as a reminder (and for new participants) a Blog-A-Thon is basically a Blogging Marathon around a specific theme, in this case the Oceans. How to participate? Well between June 7th and 8th write a post on your Blog related to the seas, oceans etc, then leave me a link here or send me an e-mail (crazycrisb AT ymail DOT com) with the url of your post. On WOD -June 8th- I'll launch the Blog-A-Thon with a post linking to all of our WOD posts, updating it as further participants sign in. If you want to take a look to our successful venture from last year click here.
(I'll double check her email link, but you can also leave a message on her blog if you participate.) It's quite interesting, reading last year's venture, and I'm hoping all interested bloggers will consider it. I looked at some of the links on the Oceans Project page like this one to "Wear Blue and Tell Two." One link that was helpful to me is a Seafood Selector from the Environmental Defense Fund that allows me to make smart choices when eating seafood.

I know that many of us are heartbroken about what is happening to our oceans, especially those of us who are living in fear of the disaster upon us in the Gulf. But the entire world's oceans need our help, and that can begin with awareness.


  1. Hi DJ, I will definitely join the WOD blog-a-thon, you know how much I love all bodies of water that exists on earth! So count me in June 8!

    I was offline lately, I was spending time with Dawn, school will open on Monday and I'm gonna miss her.


  2. Good for you! We all need to get up on our soap boxes and complain to the world! Living here on Lake Erie as we do, we've seen our lake almost completely die and then slowly be brought back. Right now, we have blocks of the lake where the water is so clean, it will not support life of any kind, but it is coming back. I just hope that they get this thing in the Gulf taken care of! I makes me afraid of the tumble down effect we're going to see in the next several years with the damage.

  3. A very good cause. Very timely.

  4. Wow. Right on time.

  5. The timing is a little interesting, isn't it? I don't know that I'll get my act in gear in time to participate, but I will definitely be reading other's contributions. Thanks for this.

  6. Hey DJan! Thank you for passing on the announcement!

    Yes the email works!

    And Whitney, it doesn't have to be an extensive essay or anything, even a small post sharing a fond oceanic memory will do!

    The idea is to spread the word and get people to stop and think for a bit about the oceans and how important they are for us and our planet! The oceans are after all our "lungs" just as much as any tropical rainforest!

    WOD... just around the corner!

  7. Great idea. I'll be happy to read the posts. I don't think I have time to write one of my own on this occasion.
    Blessings, Star

  8. It is perfect timing, our oceans are in real trouble right now. I will see if I can come up with a post in time.

    I really like the seafood selector, that is very interesting. Our favorite fish is Alaska Cod and occasionally Pacific Halibut.


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