Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Seattle for the night

No pictures, but I wanted to say: here I am in Seattle at the Clarion for the night. Leave at 5:00am to get to the airport by 5:30 and fly out at 7:30 to Dulles. Two hours in Dulles, and then a flight from there to Zurich. A couple MORE hours, and then a flight to Skopje, making my arrival somewhere around 12:30pm on Holy Saturday before Easter.

The 3-hour bus trip from Bellingham made me happy I was not driving. The traffic in Seattle is so heavy and non-stop that I was sure several times we wouldn't make it within three hours (it's a 90-mile trip). But we did, thanks to the expertise of our driver.

In Skopje, Friday and Monday are holidays, although we will be having our meeting begin on Monday. What a trip! I am happy to be on the road, but tomorrow will come far too soon, so I'm signing off after all, in order to hit the sack.

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