Thursday, January 23, 2020

Indomitable Seniors

Today's Trailblazers (plus me)
With a day scheduled to be wet, wet, wet, I sure didn't expect to see nine others show up this morning. We discussed just what to do, since our scheduled hike would be very muddy and rather uncomfortable in the rain. So we decided to do an in-town hike. We started at the beginning of the Railroad trail and headed out in a pretty steady rain to visit Big Rock Garden and Whatcom Falls.
On the trail
We are very fortunate to have so many options available to us here in Bellingham. The trails are wide and well kept. All the snow we had on these trails last week is long gone, with the warm temperatures and the rain helping to turn everything into passably easy walking. I didn't even wear my hiking boots, since walking on harder surfaces in them is not fun. As it was, I wore a pair of low boots that I figured would be best in these conditions.
Pond with reflections
We followed Al's lead on the trails, as he was using a digital map that helped guide us through the myriad twists and turns. We took the Klipsun trail to Big Rock Garden and had a brief stroll through the park, looking at some of the sculptures. By the time we reached the sculpture garden, the rain had stopped for the moment.
Sculpture and pond
I couldn't tell what this sculpture is supposed to represent, but there is a snake encircling the figure. One hiker said it reminds him of his ex-wife, but softer. Anyway, we left shortly thereafter to head over to the falls.
Roaring Whatcom Falls
Every time I have seen the falls this winter, there is more rushing water, needing us to shout to one another over the din. It is the most amazing sight right now. Compare this picture to one taken last September. You can orient yourself by looking at the round hole in the rock on the left in each picture.
Same falls, different season
We had lunch at the shelter near the falls, and it had begun to rain again. We watched a toddler being pushed in a swing by the mother, impervious to the rain and obviously having a wonderful time, judging by the shouts of joy from the little one. (That would have made for a good shot but I forgot.)

We covered almost ten miles and almost 1,000 feet up and down by the time we returned to our starting point. I must remember next time to wear my bunion guard when hiking on harder surfaces, as it's a bit sore. It was a different kind of hike for us, but thoroughly enjoyable, even in the rain. I was able to have a good conversation with everyone by the time we were done for the day.


  1. The waterfalls are stunning at this time of year.

  2. You're an indomitable group of hikers in the rain!

  3. Wow.
    Your in-town walk looked truly lovely.
    I am a big fan of waterfalls too.

  4. So cool that you could walk 10 miles just nearby! I did my exercise on my stationary bike indoors. I'm a wimp.

  5. I would love to see the sculpture garden. It looks beautiful.

  6. Oh my gosh! 10 miles! That is awesome, and you saw such lovely sights. I wish I could send you my Fitbit so you could let me have some of your step credits. LOL

  7. Ten miles in the rain is a very decent hike.

  8. This has to be one of the prettiest hike you've guided us thru!

  9. You don’t need to climb mountains there for a good hike. What a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts.

  10. Those 2 photos of the same falls are interesting to look at. I am glad you decided against walking in the mud. Your trail looks easy.

  11. Beautiful Falls! You are blessed with rain to keep the falls flowing so well! :)

  12. Ten miles is quite impressive. Your group doesn't let a little thing like weather slow you down. Loved the hiker's impression of the sculpture.

  13. Pretty spectacular for an "in town" hike. That's some town!

  14. Glad you managed to get out for a walk despite the weather. I enjoy walking in a group and catching up with everyone.

  15. All of you that hike these beautiful places amaze me!
    And....your photos are incredible.
    Hugs from south Georgia!


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