Saturday, January 30, 2016

An alfalfa model and a movie

My mama in 1941
My brother was going through some old boxes of papers and found this page from the Kern County local newspaper. My mom wasn't married to my dad yet; that would happen later in the same year, and I was born in December 1942. So I wasn't even a gleam in my dad's eye when this picture was taken.

The caption underneath the picture says: "It Pays to Publicize: Constant efforts by the Kern County Chamber of Commerce and farm organizations placed Kern hay in a topnotch position where it netted highest prices in Southern California markets. Featuring extra-leafy quality, Kern alfalfa brought returns as high as $20 a ton."

Things haven't changed much. Pretty models are still used in much the same way to advertise products. I guess you could say my mom was a hayseed, huh? I simply love this picture.

Yesterday I went to see The Revenant. I'm glad I saw it because now I understand the reason it will garner so many Oscars at the Academy Awards. There are some amazingly beautiful scenes in the movie, but the acting by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy (he truly deserves to win for this performance) made it an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't call this movie wonderful, but it's definitely unforgettable. I'm glad I didn't live through that period of our country's history.

I've got an all-day training session ahead for the Washington Alliance for Health Advancement (WAHA) volunteer work I will be doing, so I'll cut this short so I can get out the door for my 8:00am session. Until later, then.


  1. How cool to find this old photo of your mother! She was beautiful.

  2. Love the photo of your mother and the alfalfa. Sounds like my kind of world!

    Your volunteer work sounds interesting. You'll have to keep us updated.

  3. I love old photos. They have such personality. My mom was also a model - the factory where she worked made bullets for the war effort, and she was photographed kneeling beside a pile of them.

  4. Your mama was definitely a beauty. What a wonderful find.
    I suspect you were (at the very least) a potential twinkle (a wishful twinkle?) in your father's eyes.
    Good luck with your course today.

  5. You sure look like your Mom. Both of you are great looking ladies. Twenty dollars a ton huh?? Wish it had been that when I had my horse.

  6. Wow.. how wonderful to have this photo of your mother... and to know the details so well as to dates and such. She was very beautiful. I have boxes of very old photos.. most of which I have no clue about the subjects though most are probably relatives.

  7. Finding pictures you've never seen before adds a lot to what you know about people.

  8. What a great find! Your Mom was a beauty:)

  9. Great photo.
    My mother would have made a lovely model in 1941 too, but she would have actually been using that hay fork in her father's field.
    Thanks for the review of The Revenant. I was leery of seeing it because of the brutality but now I will.

  10. Your Mom was beautiful.
    The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie, and I hope that you have a lovely remainder of the weekend.

  11. How precious to have that picture of your very young and pretty mama. :)
    I am waiting to see Revenant. I loved a version called Man In The Wilderness back in the early 70s with Richard Harris.
    Enjoy your training session! :)

  12. Your mother wad beautiful!
    Onto my list goes this movie.

  13. she was a fresh-faced beauty! :)

  14. Your mother was very beautiful.
    Hubby told me that movie was very violent.

  15. Gorgeous mom!!! Love the article/photo.

    As for Revenant, there was one thing wrong with it in my opinion...excellent movie, but the time of year the bear attack took place is wrong according to 'history'.

    My favorite is still The Danish Girl. I'm gonna see if I can find the novel the movie was based on. LOL

  16. I love that picture and can see why you do. Your mama's easy smile glows! She's a beauty.

    I love how avidly you take in movies, something I'm not able to do so much of at this season in my life.
    However, our 4 year old niece Josie invited us to see the Panda movie with her Sunday.. (Kung Fu Panda 3) .. so I got myself to the theater for the first time in a long time. As far as kids movies go, or movies in general, I LOVE the Kung Fu Panda films. This one didn't disappoint. Rich imagery I was glad to experience on the big screen. They have wonderful lessons on life/death inner peace and the secret ingredient of life. Zen and Chi.
    I just love them. Kung Fu Panda makes me feel fantastic. :)

  17. I found a lot of old photos of my mother in going through things in her home after she passed. Of all the things in the house, those old photos were the treasures for me. I can understand how you felt in finding this one of your model mama.


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