Thursday, January 14, 2016

A fine day in the Chuckanuts

Carol taking a picture of Chuckanut Falls
We had a very small group today, only six Senior Trailblazers, on a beautiful sunny day. I think it was partly because of the location: all winter long we hike close to home in the Chuckanuts, and we were just on these same trails two weeks ago. But never mind, we had a great time. I like the small intimate groups much better than having too many.
Noriko (behind), Carol, Bill, Rich, Al (I took the picture)
You can see the sun streaming through the trees here at Huckleberry Point. This was probably the sunniest spot we had, other than Raptor Ridge, but the Ridge was rather cool and it was too early to have lunch when we arrived there, anyway. Most of this hike is in the trees and with the sun at such a low point on the horizon, we didn't see it much.
Raptor Ridge
This is what Raptor Ridge looked like today, in full sun but with a little bit of a breeze. Check out what it looked like, covered with snow, on our New Years Eve hike. The temperature today was much warmer, and it's obvious that the snow that we had there two weeks ago was an anomaly. I had never seen snow there before.
Pretty lichen
Carol and I both had to stop and take a picture of this beautiful lichen (NB: this is not lichen, but bracken fungi, I was wrong), and then Bill got out his iPhone, too. We decided, after we left the Ridge, to head back to Huckleberry Point for lunch instead of going to the Madrona trail. It was probably a good idea, since as it was we covered more than eight miles and almost 2,000 feet up and down. It would have added a considerable distance to our day's exertions.
Perusing our pictures
Bill took this candid picture of Carol and me while we were trying to decide whether we liked the earlier picture he had taken of the two of us. I always look to make sure the picture is not too unflattering; you know how cameras are. You can see the viewpoint in the distance and the glorious sunshine. Here's the picture that we are looking at. I like it very much.
Carol and me, taken by Bill
And now it's still early, the sun is still up (for another hour), we are gaining more than two minutes of daylight every day, and the day in the Chuckanuts could not have been much better. I did miss my friends who were absent, but we had a lot of smiles, laughter, and sunshine. Oh, and just for fun, I averaged the age of the six of us who were together today: 73.6. Not bad, eh?


  1. After the rain, it was a good day for hiking. We got out for our walk too, and even did a bit of work in the yard.
    You "old folks" are awesome.

  2. I like that picture of Carol and you on the bench!

  3. Good photos! I am glad you had a good hike! :)

  4. That lichen is gorgeous! And I love the other pics as well. Such dramatic scenery.

  5. Love that photo of you and Carol. Sounds and looks like you had a lovely day.

  6. Where di they ever get that crazy name, the Chuckanuts?!

  7. Now that average age is awesome. I wonder how many 20 year olds could keep up with you.

  8. Your lichen is amazing. It looks like a funghi. And Red is right. I suspect many MUCH younger than you would have a hard time keeping up. Particularly week after week.

  9. Such beautiful photos, DJan. Each of them is so unique. I so enjoy the pictures of your fellow hikers along the way.

  10. Yes great picture--but I like them all. That lichen was quite beautiful. The intrepid hikers--always an adventure!! :)

  11. I love hiking with you via your blog.
    You take amazing photos, and I love the ones of you in them, too. Good to see my blogging friend.
    Amazing difference between the Raptor Ridge photos.
    The weather is fickle these days.
    Warm hugs,

  12. "Chuckanuts" ?? You really have some interesting names for the various areas you hike.
    Loved the picture of the two of you. Like you I enjoy smaller groups for you get to talk to everyone.

  13. an awesome, active, intimate group! love the photo(s) of you and carol - especially the one of you checking the photos. too beautiful ladies. :)

  14. I like the name chuckanuts. As to age I've got the average of your group beat by 1....;)

  15. It seems like you thoroughly enjoyed your hike and the camaraderie. I wish I had your stamina.

  16. I have walked so many miles in my day and still love to walk. But I have not hiked for many many years. I need to do that. You are an inspiration...that is good.

    Be well.


  17. Awwwwwwww, what a sweet, close-knit group of the senior adventurers!! Love all the photos D J!

  18. OK OK... I did get out for a walk again but the scenery in my neighborhood was not nearly as gorgeous as yours. I need to get healthy like you. I've had the effects of that lingering cold from November and I need to build my energy level. You are my inspiration.


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