Friday, September 18, 2009

Hannegan Peak

Here is the summit group during our hike to Hannegan Peak yesterday (click any picture to enlarge). Most of the rest of the group (the other 10) hiked to Hannegan Pass, but some of us decided to give the peak a try. Last year I didn't go that far, and I'm not sure I will again next year. It's 4 miles up about 1,800 feet to the pass from the trailhead, which is a pretty good hike in itself. Then in a little more than a mile you hike up another 1,200 feet to the top of the peak. I couldn't keep up with some of the stronger hikers, so I just plodded at my own pace until I finally got there. Summit fever is all that brought me up the last few hundred feet.

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been spectacular. We had a few puffy clouds but otherwise it was very fine weather: cool to begin with, quickly warming to a comfortable hiking temperature, and then only at the end of the hike as we descended to the trailhead did it seem warm.
This little natural grotto by the side of the trail caught my eye. A little waterfall and moss, just lovely. If it were in a backyard, I would complement the gardener. As it was, I gave a little glance upward at the Creator in appreciation of the excellent workmanship.

We saw three grouse and a couple of deer for wildlife. Last year, on the hike down we spied a huge bear that looked to be at least 300 lbs. (according to the hunter in the group) and gave me shivers to see him. I looked for him again, but no luck this time.

The guidebook I consulted here at home told me that I could see numerous peaks from the summit, none of which I recognized except for Baker and Shuksan, which I have now seen on almost every hike in the wilderness. On the way back down, I saw Bob making a perfect picture with this incredible view in the background:

That's Amy (in the red) on her way back down. You can see that fall has come to the high country, with the red foliage. In another couple of weeks it should be spectacular, if the weather stays good. Amy will be around for one more week, and then she's off to Nepal to join the group attempting to climb Everest. She will trek to Base Camp at about 18,000 feet while they go on up. She is doing this to celebrate her 70th birthday. Aren't we an incredible bunch? I am so amazed at the fitness level of this group; I thought hiking with these old fogies would be a cinch. Hah! I'm working to keep up!


  1. Beautiful vistas. I really like the last photo. It is just about perfect with the scenery in the background. Yes, you are definitely an incredible bunch.

  2. Your weather looks just about perfect, I'm looking forward to seeing the fall foliage on your hikes in a few weeks.

    I'm glad you mentioned the bear, I was wondering if you ever saw any while out hiking. Maybe he will show up next time.

    Everest on her 70th, that is so cool. An incredible bunch of folks? Yes you are, each and every one.


  3. As always, I love your stories and pictures. I would love to join you sometime, but I couldn't keep up!

  4. I loved the waterfall & moss! Yes, it would be a great achievement for a gardener to match the beauty from the 'great gardener'.

  5. The moss covered natural grotto is an unusual sight when hiking and you were very lucky to see one, DJ. It's a prize for your perseverance and you looked very cool in the first photo. Is the lady in red shirt an Asian? She looked like.


  6. Aren't you an incredible bunch? Uh, hello. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You all inspire me greatly - I know I always say that but it's always true! - and you give me an ache to head to our own high mountains and tell them I love them. Maybe next weekend. :)

  7. uffda! It is beautiful there! What a are all an inspiration for a gal that gets dizzy just standing on a kitchen chair. :)

  8. Wow, you guys are very fit. This sounds like a tough hike. I cannot imagine hiking at 18,000 ft at 70 years old! 8,500 feet is my limit! We are going on one next week that is around that elevation.

    What spectacular views. The Cascades are just beautiful. I will need to do some hiking there before too long, I think. You have me hooked.

  9. When you said Amy was training for Everest, I thought she must be the youngest in the group, but nearly 70? That's amazing.
    I see you with a blue and white aura Djan. These pictures seem to capture that well.
    Blessings, Star

  10. Spectacular! And as always, inspiring. Apparently the fountain of youth is to be found at high altitudes. (

  11. What beautiful photos. Your climb puts me to shame. I've been graphing the number of calories I burn a day. I NEED TO hike like you!

  12. Wow the scenery is phenomenal...only surpassed by the stamina of this group. I am so impressed.


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