Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boundary Way

Ward, Linda, and Boundary peaks behind them

Today 17 Seniors hiked up a fairly easy (comparatively, anyway) trip from the trailhead, only 5 miles round trip, and up about 1,300 feet. The two peaks behind Ward and Linda (on the left side of Ward, from our viewpoint) show the border between Canada and the United States.

On the way up Mt. Baker highway, we had a very interesting little diversion: although I couldn't see it (being a few cars behind the leader), a Fish & Wildlife truck was stopped in the middle of the road, and two police surrounded it from their own car, one of them with a machine gun (yes, really!) pointed at the head of the driver of the F&W vehicle. My cohorts saw the driver get out of the truck and kneel in the road, hands behind head until they were cuffed. By the time I saw the incident, there was only a fuzzy head sticking out of the back of the police car. It wasn't until we got to the trailhead that we shared stories. Apparently the perpetrator was trying to steal the truck and was apprehended in the act.

When we got to the trailhead, we saw a border crossing van and asked the driver if he knew any details, but he didn't, so we started our hike: we headed gently up to Cowap Peak (I have NO IDEA how to pronounce that) where we had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Here is where most of us had our lunch.

A few more enterprising of the hikers decided to have lunch on the narrow crossing to the true peak, which was so steeply down on both sides that it gave me vertigo, so I stayed with the larger group. The view of Mt. Baker was pretty impressive, though.

And just before we headed back down to the trailhead, some absolutely beautiful low clouds began to come in over Mt. Baker. We joked that the mountain was wearing a hat. This is probably the most perfect picture I've gotten over the past year of this mountain.

All in all, we were back home hours earlier than we've become accustomed to, because the hike was less then half the distance of last week's. I am here at home, posting this on the same day as these pictures were taken, and not completely spent from the exertion. It was a superb day, with good friends, and with these wonderful memories. (Click on any picture to enlarge.)


  1. What adventures you have! You inspire me to do more and expect more from myself. Thank you for sharing your life though your words and amazing photos.

  2. What incredible views. I wish I could hike the way I used to!
    Sunny :)

  3. Wwat spectacular views you have there. They made my heart sing. Gosh I hope that one day we will be as fit as you are and get full use out of out hiking boots. We have spent too much time being sedentary and this walking thing certainly is a bug! What a lovely post and I read your post about the hundreth monkey - if only peace were to catch on like that life would be wonderful. You have a great blog here so I became a follower.

  4. I must say these are the prettiest pictures I have seen of mountains taken anywhere in the world. They are just faultless.

  5. I have to say that the last photo may be my favorite yet. Considering the numerous postcard worthy pictures you've posted, that's saying quite a bit.
    I really wish that I had as much energy as you do. What's the secret? Other than the healthy eating, exercise and rest bit that you quite obviously have down pat?!

  6. Stunning photos, what a great day for you..amazing views! Thanks for sharing them:)

  7. Like sitting on top of the world!

  8. Your pictures turned out beautifully. What pretty country. I like this walk - more my style in terms of distance. I'm not ready for a 10-11 miler. :-)

    The pictures of the mountains look like something out of a painting. You have a really good camera. What kind is it?

  9. How gorgeous! I have never been to big mountains, and so we hope to take a trip out west this coming year. Those look so perfect, they could be in a Hollywood movie set. Loved the photos. You will have to get the one with the clouds enlarged and framed for yourself!


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