Friday, September 4, 2009

100 posts

I found this picture on Karli's blog when she was celebrating her 100th post! I just noticed that this milestone happened yesterday, and I want to say thank you for everything to all my friends and family who have either happened upon my blog or were coerced into joining (smile). Here's what I've learned in 100 posts:
  • Sometimes you need to think before you post. I have gotten myself into trouble by not understanding what other people might be reading into my words.
  • Asking for followers can be a double-edged sword, because of course I want to find out who these people are, and this can become very time-consuming. You need to read their stuff.
  • I keep a list of possible post subjects. Right now, I have a rant list consisting of (1) tossers vs. savers, (2) the book Bonk by Mary Roach, (3) taking a news fast, (4) the I Ching, (5) the midnight scaries, and (6) my progress in staying away from processed foods. I also have two awards to write posts about. This keeps me thinking continuously about blogging.
  • I am endlessly amazed when I find a new buddy and I see that they follow literally hundreds of blogs. This can be daunting, because of course there will be two or three that I simply must check out. How do they do it?
  • Comments are wonderful. I both love to receive them and to write them. Sometimes Blogspot gets a little testy and refuses my comments, but I don't usually have much problem.
  • The blogosphere has become a place where I continue to learn so much about other parts of the world and other ways of thinking. My mind is constantly expanding to take in new concepts.
My daily routine usually begins with brewing a cup of tea and opening up my laptop while reading the daily news in bed, husband asleep beside me. (He's a night person, and I'm a morning person.) Even though he's lightly asleep, I enjoy having him there. In the old days, before blogging, I would read several news sites and editorials before heading over to Facebook and changing my status (and reading the news feed).

Now I am lucky to get to the editorials of my favorites and scanning the headlines, since the time has flown by while I'm reading my comments, making them on favorite blogs, and basically getting caught up. I sure don't want to miss the bus to indulge in my favorite latte before my gym class at 9:00 am! How has blogging changed your world?


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Since I started blogging, I have seen things that I probably would never get to see, meet people I would never meet and learn things I never knew. It also gives me a chance to express myself in word and picture. It is my connection to the world.
    Sunny :)

  2. Congrats on post 100. Isn't it amazing how fast it happens? I'm looking forward to your next 100 posts.

    I was reading through your possible post list and I want to hear about the midnight scaries.

    How has blogging changed my world? I have gone from busy to super charged busy. Trying to keep up with all the blogs I follow (hundreds?) takes a lot of time but I enjoy reading everyone's posts. It is easy to fall behind sometimes but I know my blog friends will understand. It is so much fun and I have made friends all over the world. I learn something new almost every day.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Congratulations DJan that's a lot of talking :)
    I always love to visit your place, I feel energized just reading what you are up to next.
    I'm getting slower and slower to comment, but I try my best, it's just simply amazing how we all find each other!

  4. Congrats! Yes, it does seem to ooze into the cracks of what little time we seem to have. I've cut back this week. Just can't do it all.

    It would have been hard to imagine a few decades ago, that we would spend time catching up with people we've never met, writing about whatever.

  5. Congrats on 100 posts. It just flies by, doesn't it?

    It has changed my life in so many ways. Opened my eyes to so many things I had no idea I didn't know. I continue to grow and explore and the world of blogging offers up everything and more. Rarely do I have negative info coming at me, such as when I was hooked on the news, and I meet people like you! :-)

    Can't wait for your posts on those subjects, btw.

  6. Congratulations on 100!! I reached that milestone once and then because of stupidity I deleted my whole blog. I restarted again. I haven't reached the new 100 again.

    Blogging has opened the door for me to find terrific friends and to visit places I would otherwise never see.

    I agree with you about interpretation. Sometimes I have to remember that what I write might be misunderstood. There is such a variety of people coming from different backgrounds and cultures that it is difficult to not to misconstrued.

    Keep posting away. I an anxious for your next 100.

  7. DJ, First of all I would like to congratulate you on your 100 posts and looking forward reading about you staying away from processed food.

    I just joined blogger few months ago and it felt like I had been a member for such a long time. The kinship that had been developed with fellow bloggers has made my blogworld truly an interesting one. I have learned and seen a lot of things. Sometimes I have opinions which I planned to blog but hesitated to do so because I might offend somebody, so I am being very careful of what I am blogging about. The hardest part is when I get myself very busy with work and couldn't even log on to blogger, catching up is a really a big task, but I still enjoy it especially when I read an interesting blog like this. See...I am catching up.


  8. 100 posts! That's a milestone and each and every one of them entertaining. Now here I get to boast (hee hee) because I think I've read them all. I'm getting to know you and like you more and more. Isn't that wonderful.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Congrats! I too find it a bit daunting to keep up with blogs I follow. But I try to read the dozen or so writen by bloggers (like you! :) who always leave me comments. Seems to make the blogosphere a bit smaller and more manageable but still a lot of fun! And every so often I read one completely new and different and I always learn something so interesting! keep blogging! -kate

  10. I find blogging wonderful and addictive (in a good way). I find humor more easily because I always think of what is funny to add to my blog. And blogging led me to a new passion of amateur photography which I am finding a love for. And all of this only after a year of doing it! I look forward to what future years will bring to me.
    I have met so many new friends blogging too...who say just the right thing on the right day...who are my cheerleaders and motivators.

  11. Congratulation on your 100th blog. I think I get too involved in wanting to explain so many things in my posts that they are long and take time to research – and may even be too long to read. I may go to a weekly post because I spend so much time on the computer plus I like reading and commenting on all the other blogs I read. I find it a lot of fun though and it is like having friends all over the world that I would have never found if it were not for blogging.

  12. Congratulations, DJan. I really enjoy your posts and glad that we met up along the way!

    I love to blog, mainly because of the folks I have met. I am lax at posting every day, but life often gets in the way.

    Congratulations, again, and thank you for visiting me, and leaving such nice comments.

  13. WHAT world?! I'm beginning to think blogging/writing IS my world. And I am so behind on visiting. The more I grow the more behind I am. I am beginning to accept I can't visit as much as I want to, or feel I should. If that makes me lose my followers, I would probably be better served to focus all my energies into writing. But for now, I try to strike a balance - and I have - OFF balance.

    Congratulations on turning 100. Your writing is rich and I wish I never missed a word!


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