Monday, August 3, 2009

More chalk

NB: I exported these images from my iPhoto album in the smallest size. I think part of my problem with downloading could be the huge size (this one was originally 5MB all by itself before export). My new camera has enough capability to make these large MB pictures, and I don't want to cut the picture size down because who knows when I might take one I just have to keep as a large print?
I went out walking around this morning to see what wonderful chalk images I might have missed. And sure enough!! There were some I want to share with you. The ocean wave above just thrilled me with its exquisite foaminess.
This is a picture of Dr. Seuss with some of his creatures. The artwork was quite a bit more brilliant when I walked by it during its creation, but it's not bad for two days later on a sidewalk. If this one didn't win an award, someone didn't read Dr. Seuss as a kid, or (in my case) to their kids. I love it!
This elegant tree reminded me of the tree of life, with roots in the ground and leaves being created on the top, with a lovely place for the squirrels of the universe right in the middle. (Thinking of you, SquirrelQueen!) Again, very beautiful even with the white part on its way back into the elements. Perhaps it's even more perfect that way.
This is actually one of the pictures I took on Saturday, rather than today. You can see how much more vivid the colors are when you see a chalk painting just after its creation. I didn't see this one again, or I would have taken a picture to compare.

I may be sounding a little like a broken record here, but I want again to thank all my readers, especially those who leave comments. I do feel a bit like a kid at Christmas when I log in each day, wondering what people have left for me. And I am getting to be quite verbose on other blogs when I comment, knowing how much it means to me.

I am gazing out at all my birds hanging from the feeders. I have cheeky chickadees, male and female goldfinches (like a dozen of them!), those ubiquitous and ravenous house sparrows, all within my view as I write this. The sun is shining on the needles of the pine tree, making them look almost wet, as they sway gently in the light breeze. The temperature is perfect, and life is good.


  1. What absolutely spectacular drawings !
    I am always in awe of people who can paint/draw. My daughter is one who do anything, she is so artistic.
    I imagine that was a fun weekend...sadly I work ;(

  2. I too found it uploads faster when it is compressed.But what do you do when blogger upload doesn't even open? I too have birds chirping around the home,mostly sparrows,bulbul,doves,mina,pidgeons,
    green bee eater......many more,some come in or they sit on the fence.I feed them morning and evening.

    LOVE the chalk art,beautiful!

  3. Hi DJan,

    Those are nice ones! Yes for me it also looks like the tree of life, very intriguing. There is something with that image that I can't help but stare.

    About iPhoto, I rarely transfer photos to my iPhotos nowadays, because it takes a while before it loads. What I do is I transfer directly from my camera to my photo accounts. I have deleted lots of photos in my iPhoto especially those with big file. You said 5MB that is something which can make your iMac cry. LOL!

    Or you can buy an external hard disk...ok what am I talking about now? I gotta go!


  4. I love the array of styles displayed in the chalk art. I wish they did something like that around here. Looks like loads of fun! There is so much talent out there. Thanks for giving us a glimpse.

  5. These picture are really interesting. It reminds me of those 3-D chalk paintings, that look so real. I'm always amazed at the talent that goes into creating art work. It seems kind of sad that it disappears with the next rain.

    You certainly have lots of different kinds of birds. So far I have seen a woodpecker, some kind of very large dove-looking bird that comes with all his friends to bathe and drink in the stream behind our house, bluejays, and one I didn't recognize. Glad things are cooling down a bit for you.

  6. They are all delightful, I can't decide on a favorite. But then the squirrel hole in the tree does look very inviting. It takes a lot of talent to create such a beautiful work in chalk.

    I can see where that would slow the downloads, I try to keep mine just under 3MB. I download straight from the computer, way too many files for my online photo service. I reduce the size for blogger and keep the original at full size on an external hard drive.


  7. These are great! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Oh, and make sure to take some photos of those wonderful birds...I love seeing and taking bird photos!

  8. Great and fantastic chalk art work !! I love these kind of amazing stuff !! Thanks for sharing what i really appreciate..Your blog is fantastic.I am now your follower..Unseen Rajasthan

  9. You're probably right about the size of the photos. Another thing to check is how many posts are displayed on each page? If you cut down the number of posts, then the Blog won't take so long to load. It could affect the photos too. I love the chalk drawings. Can't get enough of those!
    Blessings, Star

  10. You selected some real pretty chalk art – I especially like the last one, the fisherman with the yellow coat. I could easily see this as a mural in a big fish market, it would look great. I know what you mean about comments – it’s so nice to see that people come to read one’s posts and enjoy them – it gives more impetus to keep on posting.

  11. Awesome chalk art, DJan!
    What a treat it most have been to walk around and take in the fabulous drawings.
    I haven't graduated from stick men yet! Hehehe
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugssss, Susan


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