Friday, August 21, 2009

Lake Ann

We did it! Fourteen Trailblazers made it to Lake Ann and watched some calves coming off the glaciers. As you can see (click to enlarge), it was sunny and hot, nothing like last week's slog through the rain. Linda and Ward are standing in front of Lake Ann. The thing that makes this a hard hike is not only that you gain and lose 2,000 feet of elevation, but you start out going down into a valley for 1,000 feet and then hiking up to Lake Ann for another 1,000. This of course means that we reverse it for the return, with the last part being uphill!! I'm pretty tired today.
Here we are at our lunch spot, with the Shuksan ridge behind us through the trees. After lunch, some of us decided to hike over to take a look at the glacier on Mt. Shuksan. Here's a closeup with me in the foreground (below), my fellow gawkers looking at the glacier behind us. We walked about a quarter mile, and while we were hiking, we heard the glacier making noise! Losing parts of itself!
This is a closeup (below) taken with my trusty telephoto of the glacier just over my shoulder in the picture above. It was amazing to see the huge streams of water coming down from them, and I couldn't help but wonder when they would be gone, no longer a glacier, but just rock. Not too long, I suspect, but it was such a privilege to see it now!
Four distinct times we heard what sounded like thunder, but it was the glacier "calving" (losing parts of itself). I didn't actually get a picture of one in process, but this one (below) was obviously pretty recently calving. One wag (Bob) said it's not often that you get to see a glacier giving birth!
When I returned home after a very long day, I discovered that my internet connectivity was gone, as Clearwire's tower has lost its signal. After two hours on the phone with them, and a promise that they will try to get out by Tuesday (!). I gave up trying to post this and went to bed. When I got up this morning, hoping for a connection and being disappointed, I headed out to an Internet cafe (thanks, Swan Cafe!) to download some pictures and write this post. I may be here later today in order to read all my blogging friends, but for now I'm heading off to the gym and the sauna to soak my sore muscles.


  1. D-Jan,that was some hike.I don't know how,but you are so active I doubt your 66yrs...naa! More like 30yrs.I am motivated to go out MORE.

    Great views all around,you are living it UP.

  2. Fantastic views and photos of your hike. You just amaze me with your energy and stamina!

  3. It must be refreshing on a hot day to breath in the glacier scented air. I imagine a cool breeze in the hot sun.

  4. This was a nice post that I enjoyed a lot. I also liked the one photo that shows all the rocks and gravel and the hill. I suspect that is what happened to the farm where my father was born. It was covered with rocks and stones from the last ice age that stopped and melted out there.

    Thanks for your visit and comment about breastfeeding on my blog.

  5. Your energy is enviable; it's something to aspire to. The pictures are beautiful. I'm hoping the sauna did it's trick and your muscles are aching a bit less.

  6. Okay somehow the comment I was typing vanished...anyway I was saying after reading "Gravity Gear" I was hooked on your blog then I scrolled down to "Aging" and what can I say??:O) You are such a wonderful woman and I admire what you are doing and have done with your life! You have given me inspiration... I have only skydived once in my life and that was a tandem jump. I wanted to stay up there and never come was the most awesome experience of my life! I have always dreamed of doing the formations like you have in the is so beautiful!
    I too have a thing about putting my "face" on but the most and only thing I "need" is mascara for my lashes. I've thought about going w/out it manly because it does no good with working in the bee gets to hot :O) I've kept you long enough...just wanted to let you know I think your blog is wonderful!!!

  7. What a hike! The pictures of the glacier are incredible. You can see the blue color. When we visited Lake Louise in Canada, I was amazed at that blue color. The streams were even blue. I ended up buying a necklace with the stone that color of blue.

  8. Oh DJan, what an incredible climb! I love your words, "a glacier giving birth." The photos are something else...I'm in awe! You are truly an amazing woman with all your spectacular journeys.

    I'm so happy to hear that the weather co-operated this time. Enjoy your well deserved sauna and rest well.

    Thank you so much for your kind and comforting words. You have no idea how they brightened my day!

    I hope your computer connection is rectified soon!

    Hugsssss, Susan

  9. Hi D-Jan, Wow, what an incredible hike! Gorgeous scenery! And skydiving? You certainly have a wonderful "joie de vivre"! Great post!

  10. Dear DJ,

    I hope your internet connection will be okay soon. I know how you feel, I have lost my connection 2 weeks ago and I was nagging LOL the internet provider for the poor service, but when they got it back, my smile was endless!

    Your hike in Lake Ann was extremely pleasing considering the magnificent view of Mt Shuksan is such a breath taking moment and your encounter with the glaciers were one great hike adventure. I know it is tiring physically to go up and down slopes but the moment you saw the spectacular views of the place you aspire to see, the exhaustion will start to diminish. Great post and hike!

    I offer massage service...I'll give you a big discount hahaha.


  11. I am tired just thinking about all the terrain you covered. You are so amazing and remarkable. I am pleased that I found you and your blog. I keep learning new things all the time. I loved your photos and description. It is a little sad thinking that the glacier could disappear soon. It is good you were able to experience its magnificence now. Thanks for sharing your excursion.

  12. What beautiful pics of the glacier and how lucky you are to be so close. We had to go all the way to Alaska to see one! Plus we won’t see another for some time, if ever. You certainly get lots of exercise and put me to shame. I enjoy watching your walks a lot.

  13. Those pictures of the glacier are wonderful D-Jan. Imagine hearing it crack, my goodness, that's amazing. No wonder you were tired the next day. I've never been in a gym or a sauna. What do you do in there?
    Blessings, Star


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