Saturday, November 19, 2016

The rain stayed away for our walk

Walking along Boulevard Park at high tide
As you can see from the sky above us, it was possible that we would be "enjoying" our walk in our usual style: with some wet stuff to keep us hydrated. But it didn't do more than spit at us now and then, as more than twenty women (and one new guy!) walked from the Farmers' Market building down to Boulevard Park and the Bellingham Ferry Terminal. We stopped there quickly to view the artwork on the front of the window, painted by our very own Ellen!
Ellen pointing to her creation
In that oval window is the picture she was commissioned to paint for the season. I thought maybe it would be easier to see from inside, but this is where it looked the best, even if it's a little dim. From here we walked down to the Wastewater Treatment Plant a short distance away, and we were reminded that today is World Toilet Day as we circled the plant before heading back to our starting point.

After we had covered almost seven miles, some of us decided to stop at the local Bagelry and quaff some coffee and bagels. I asked a stranger to take a picture of us. I don't particularly like the way I look in this picture, but since everybody else looks just fine, I'm going to go ahead and publish it.
Having our usual socializing while eating and drinking
It was a lovely way to start our Saturday, and we didn't even get wet, other than from our own sweat (or "glow" since women don't sweat). And now that I'm home and writing this post, I see that it's actually started to rain outside. Another amazing morning.


  1. Sounds ideal! Great start to your weekend. :o)

  2. Another great walk!

    World Toilet Day is a great idea! It's time to open the lid on the issue as it relates to women.

  3. Ellen is very talented! You look just great! Sounds like a good morning for you! :)

  4. Ellen is indeed talented.
    World toilet day? I had no idea, but am so very grateful for them.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. I see you had some doubts about the weather on Thursday and Saturday, and I am glad that you went ahead and got your exercise nevertheless. Good for you!

  6. You had me digging out Google Maps tonight. That was quite a walk; didn't know Bellingham was so big.

  7. I can tell everybody looks forward to this walk rain or shine.We need to get out with people and mingle.

  8. How does one celebrate World Toilet Day? Well, never mind. It's almost over and I missed it.
    We expected to get wet, standing in the rain at Irene's soccer game this morning, but instead we sat in our folding chairs, dry and happy. I do like pleasant surprises.

  9. I would have stayed a bit longer at the water treatment plant....birds like to congregate in these areas. LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  10. Ha ha, Linda R beat me to it. Wonder if there Hallmark cards for the occasion:))
    I like how you always push ahead, ignore the weather and usually come up with a great day. A positive attitude seems to pay off.

  11. Always fun to take a walk with good friends. Glad you beat the rain.

  12. You have such fun times with your group of friends :)
    Your little corner of the world has such beauty, and diversity, all to be enjoyed, as you most assuredly do !
    Lovely start to the weekend.

  13. Glad you had another wonderful hike, and you look great in that photo! :)

  14. Now that was a day I was quite unaware of...:)


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