Saturday, June 6, 2015

June is... well, you know

My front porch flower garden
Busting out all over, of course! Everywhere I look I see flowers in bloom, and today's sunshine will bring even more of them out. The roses are blooming everywhere, although I don't have any I certainly enjoy seeing and smelling them.
The community garden from my back porch
You can see our fenced-in community garden in this picture, surrounded by plenty of buttercups, which have become the bane of my gardening existence. They turn up everywhere and need to be rooted out at the first sign, or they take over. The garden is worth it, though.
One of my five broccoli florets, almost ready
In a day or two, I'll need to harvest the broccoli and steam it up. If you didn't know already, we also steam the leaves which are very good all by themselves, too. In the lower left is a volunteer borage plant that I'm allowing to stay for awhile. I love its pretty blue flowers.
Sugar snap peas climbing up the bamboo trellis
I thought I had plenty of room in my garden, but as you can see, the tomato plants will be climbing the same trellis as the peas, but gosh, I didn't realize how quickly everything would explode in size, and it's early June! I've got to wrap the peas with some twine to keep them growing in the right place.
I just picked these and they were still warm from the sun when they went where all good strawberries belong. The slugs took at least this many, but soon there will be so many ripe ones I won't care. I took these pictures just minutes ago and was so pleased to see them appear like magic on my laptop, since I changed my settings so that the iCloud will have my iPhone photo stream appear on all my devices automatically. I just checked, and there they are on my iPad, too! Isn't technology wonderful?


  1. 'where all good strawberries go'. :) to the icloud, apparently! :)

    nice to see the garden view from your back porch! i see what you mean about the encroaching buttercups. what a great patch to garden in, though!

    and, because of my wisconsin upbringing, 'june is...dairy month!' :)

  2. Love those strawberries. Warm from the sun... bliss.
    Happy gardening. And eating.

  3. Your deck flowers are very pretty! Are those the two trees that were scalped last year? They are looking good as is your garden:)

  4. This year I think you all are having twice as much sun as Denver, I tell ya!

  5. Your porch looks so inviting and colorful with your pots of pretty flowers.
    It's good you can watch your garden grow.....I should be calling you Mary, Mary !
    Technology baffles me :)

  6. Yes, I know where all good berries belong! :) That's very cool you can access your cell photo photos on your other devices. I need to educate myself to make my phone do that too.

  7. Those strawberries are extraordinary. I want some!

  8. I like your garden! Other than one tomato plant and a few herbs, what I grow is grass ... that has to be cut. Like I don't have better things to do with my time! Oh well, we'll move eventually.

  9. Gardens are wanderful . However I have a problem this year. My new lettuce and radishes are being snipped off. I guess it would be cutworms. Strawberries look delicious.

  10. I'm just in awe of your garden, Jan! That is so fabulous! The strawberries are huge.
    My PC desktop used to get my photos automatically from my iPhone, but they no longer do and I don't know why. They only load on my iPad. Darn! It used to be much easier to access my photos.

  11. I am always happy to see how pretty the flowers are on your deck. Ah, love the strawberries. We have planted our garden finally and covered it at night due to cold and frost.....however it is warming up a bit more every day. Yep, I love technology and take photos with my iphone or ipad and BINGO, they appear on all devices including imac. Wonderful indeed. Have a lovely Sunday my friend.

  12. The tubs on your porch are glorious Djan. It was great to see the big pic of your fenced off garden. Isn't it big! Such a good idea to have an opportunity for neighbours to grow things together, help each other out and share the produce.
    We can buy the sprouting broccoli like that in the supermarket at the moment. We eat the florets, leaves and stalks too and it's all delicious when young. The big fat florets are very popular here too but I've never tried growing them.
    Larry is growing potatoes this year and Jim is growing runner beans. My strawberries are still juveniles!

  13. Wow, those strawberries look fantastic!

  14. The fruits of your labor are something to enjoy with relish. Yum.

  15. My new camera has all those lovely gadgets for sending them to computer/iphone/smartphones, etc. The technology today is mind boggling. And all you do is set your preferences in your settings and away you go.

    I love RAW broccoli. And I'm gonna steam up a batch of fresh brussel sprouts we got at the farmer's market over the weekend. Delicious. Those strawberries....mmmmm, right off the betcha!!!!

    1. my orchid photos [never my photos] were not 'messed with''s just the hues of the walls and the yellow lights in the room that make the pictures look 'antiqued'.

  16. Oh my those strawberries look deeeelicious. :)

  17. Those flowers are so beautiful! We have deer all around us--our yard is fenced. But our neighbors with gardens who don't have fences have deer there all the time, eating their food... I have a feeling if we had a garden, they'd be jumping that fence!

  18. Your strawberries are such a lovely size and colour. Having stuff appear on all Apple devices from thr cloud has been around for age but needs a good strong wifi password protected!


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