Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rock Trail to Gates Overlook

Seattle Sombreros on me, Carol and Peggy
Only seven Senior Trailblazers showed up for what was likely to be a wet, soggy hike. It rained all night long, but Al had thought that we might actually have a break in the weather if we were lucky. And you know what? We were! I did go out and buy myself a Seattle Sombrero after seeing how well they work in the rain. I know you're not surprised. It is now hanging happily next to my Tilley hat. We started at the Larrabee State Park parking lot and headed up to the Lost Lake trail.
Peggy, Carol and Sharon with wet hats
As you can see, it began to rain not long after we started up the road. Sharon is wearing a Seattle Sombrero hat, too, so you can see I am right in synch with all the ladies. (I thought it was a different brand, but there is the logo right in front.) It rained on us, but just about 10:30, after we'd been out for a couple of hours, the rain stopped. Completely.
Nice waterfall
I take a picture of this waterfall almost every time we pass it. We meandered up the old logging trail that joins the Lost Lake trail and leads us to the Rock Trail. Although it was dry for hours in the middle of the day, it was obvious that it had been raining hard for awhile. The muddy ground made it slippery now and then, but mostly it was just fine.
Al, Sharon, Rich, Steve, Carol, Peggy
From this high point, we hike downhill until we reach the Rock Trail junction. And then it's a climb to the Overlook. The last time we were on this trail in December, we walked on icicles. Today it was in the mid- to high 50s F, so it felt relatively warm as long as we were moving. There was quite a bit of wind, but for most of the day we were protected from it.
Mossy tree on Rock Trail
I am always in awe of the rock face on this trail, with its striations and natural beauty. Steve worked on this trail, which was only finished about a year ago, and he joked that it wasn't easy putting all the ferns in at just the right angle to make them look natural (they were already there). I am so glad we all get to enjoy his hard work on the trail itself, though, because it's a really beautiful place to visit.
There was sun in Bellingham, but we were in fog
Once we got to Gates Overlook, we could see that it had indeed cleared up down in Bellingham, but the fog came and went and we never had a really nice view. We also didn't see the sun today, but considering what we were expecting, no one was at all unhappy.
Foggy descent

We walked on the road to the Overlook for a short ways until we came to the Fragrance Lake trailhead, and made our way back to the cars, covering more than eight miles and 2,400 feet of elevation gain and loss. We were all exclaiming on our good fortune with the weather, when about a half mile from the cars it began to sprinkle. Nobody minded.
Selfie in my Seattle Sombrero
It also gave me a chance to show you how well my new hat works. It really is like wearing an umbrella: I could hear the patter of rain but I was perfectly dry, as were my glasses, for the entire time. The only downside to the hat was when I took it off: hair going every which way! That's okay, I am very happy with my new purchase, and you can bet it will be with me on many more hikes.


  1. those are awesome hats! :) very cool. glad you escaped most of the rain!

  2. I wish it were possible to wear hats without getting hat hair.
    We lucked out on the rain on our urban trek today too. This weather looks scarier than it is. :-)
    Eight miles with elevation is another's good day's work for your intrepid band.

  3. So much beauty. Including you in that gorgeous selfie.

  4. Love the hat. It was a great purchase. You rock the hike again.

  5. i may need that hat this weekend. We are expecting a very big rain storm to come our way and we have plans to be in the mountains this weekend. I have no idea what I am going to wear.

  6. Love your new hat it will serve you well! I am not sure there is a solution to hat hair...maybe a pretty silk scarf:)

  7. Good for you for getting out and hiking despite the rain! I would do the same thing. I like your hat - I too hate raindrops on my glasses. I usually wear a ball cap with a bill when I hike, and pull my hood over top. But I might have to invest in one of those Seattle Sombreros! Stay dry this weekend! We're supposed to get a series of "pineapple express" storms, so no skiing for me..... :(

  8. I love your Seattle Sombrero and you selfie. Glad the day turned out well.

  9. Oh I like that new hat! Looks good on you! Does it come in extra large sizes?

  10. I wonder what percentage of your hikes have precipitation? Anyway , nice hat! I wear a tuque and when I take it off my hair is described as tuque rot!

  11. You look marvelous, Darling. Hat is functional and very cool, too. So glad you take advantage of the beauty where you live.

  12. What a beautiful smile you have, DJan. I can't smile like you because of facial paralysis due to Bell's Palsy. That sombrero did the trick for you -- it kept the rain off your glasses and face. Wonderful.

  13. I wasn't surprised--LOL! Great rain hat. Love seeing the pictures of where you guys hiked, as usual. Have a super day today. :)

  14. I need a hat that would cover my entire head AND shoulders!! 50 degrees sounds heavenly! It's been cold and wet here again. I don't go out in the wet. You're more brave than I am.

    LOVE the fog! And the waterfall DJ.

  15. Very nice overlook and area to explore. The hat sounds worth it, even though you get hat head.

  16. Ya know DJan, I was just thinking that if all the rain you get in winter was snow, you would be world leaders in being blanketed in until spring. ha,ha Nice hat and I have to tell you I have a hat tree, so that's a beaut. Seattle Sombrero's you say - we have similar fishing hats way oot in the East. Beautiful photos - I am just wondering if you have a cover for your phone in the rain when taking photos, whether its your camera or phone - are they waterproof or do you have clear covers? I have a cover for my ipad and it works very well, as I took photos in the rain during our summer Hurricane. lol
    Hat looks real nice on you too - don't worry about hat head :)

  17. Love how those hats have caught on. I almost pulled the trigger here but we just don't get that much rain. You all look great in yours.
    Al should do the weather forecast for your area. He does better than the guys paid to do it.

  18. I love hats, DJan, and that Seattle Sombrero is a great one!
    I live in my wool knit winter hat all winter.. in fact it's past midnight and I still haven't taken it off from being outside much earlier this evening. :)
    (The joy of teenagers in the house... waiting up for them! He is home now & I should go to bed.)
    Awesome hike! I love the photo of the foggy veil filtering sunny Bellingham.


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