Saturday, June 8, 2013

June's abundance

Wednesday as I was leaving the gym, this little flower garden right across the street from the Y caught my eye. Wow, I thought, everything is in bloom. When did that happen? I guess while I was inside working up a sweat. Then I saw several bees buzzing around in there, quite busily gathering pollen. I took my camera and placed it close to the flowers, taking at least a dozen pictures, and I captured this:
Bee mining pollen
I've been told that the little ball on his back leg is pollen that he (she?) is gathering for the hive. Might end up being some honey one of these days. This was just a chance shot; none of the others I took were worth saving, so you can bet I was pleased. This time of the year in the Pacific Northwest is just about perfect, with temperatures in the low sixties to mid-seventies and blue skies mixed with clouds.
On our way to Noisy Creek
The two guests (Sharon and Sandra) who came with us to Noisy Creek last Thursday were exclaiming over and over about the beauty of the area. They live in Virginia and it was their first visit to the Pacific Northwest. It made me aware of how accustomed I have become to the beauty around me. It's normal now, but when I was first exposed to ferns and flowers growing everywhere, I was the same way. I wish there were some way for me to keep a beginner's eye.
Hidden Creek, taken last Thursday
When I look at this picture, I can almost hear the sound of the water rushing down the narrow opening, spraying a fine mist that I could feel on my face. We were all smiling as we felt that icy spray before we moved on. It's not that Colorado, where I lived before I retired, was not beautiful as well, but there is something about this area that continues to inspire me. The Colorado area where I lived is considered to be semi-arid, and the contrast makes it feel like I live in a rain forest.
Front porch flowers
With a vegetable garden in the back and my front porch beginning to fill with flowers, I cannot help but be grateful that I live right here in the Pacific Northwest. The thought of all those weeks of rain and the short days of winter are just a distant memory; we are only a few days short of the longest day of the year, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. I am feeling very fortunate.


  1. i am always envious of the lush greenery, wildflowers, FERNS and trees you have there. but when you are still showing snow in may, i'm not quite as envious. :)

  2. wow. that shot up hidden creek is amazing....and yep that is the if we can get him to deliver some honey that would be know they transfer the nectar mouth to kidding, kinda interesting...smiles.

  3. That's a wonderful shot of the bee in those lovely flowers. I learned something new about that pollen ball. Thank you!

    Hidden Creek is a beautiful spot and your balcony looks so very inviting. Happy, sunny days ahead.

  4. Your lush green scenery frequently fills me with awe - and a little jealousy too. Snow is another bonus. When you add flowers to the mix, your amazing hikes and a better photo of a bee than I ever manage there is a slice of heaven here for me each post.

  5. Your porch flowers have really grown! I see your Fuchsia will bloom soon the Hummers will love it! Beautiful bee shot too! :)

  6. California poppies steal my heart every time. Every day I say thanks for the beauty that surrounds me.

  7. Lovely photos...all of them. Spring comes beautifully...and abundantly.
    Yes, you are correct about the pollen on the legs of the worker bee. I used to work in bees (honeybees...not bumblebees!) :))
    And the workers are all girls. Isn't that the way it is in life!!
    Hugs and love to you, Jan.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  8. Your photos are gorgeous, DJan. Glad you fit in so well with your new environment.

  9. You do live in such a lush environment.
    When I first moved here, I was so taken with the scenery and told everyone that I hoped I didn't lose my appreciation of it after seeing it daily. So far after 9 years it hasn't lost its appeal and I still smile as I try not to drive off the side of the road gawking.
    Your pictures show you haven't lost your appreciation either.

  10. Its always fun to show new people around in your area - it revives your love of your area. I don't think I have ever "grown used" to the Bay Of Fundy - it inspires me every time I walk the beach as there is always something new to discover and each and every season is different. I certainly would be in AWE gazing at that waterfall and those lush ferns and wildflowers, magnificent forests about you. Nice shot of the Lady Bee hard at work. Your balcony flowers look lovely indeed. Have a great day.

  11. When I see the pictures I have always thought it reminded me of a lush rain forest! The prairie is so different from your mountain treks--that's why I love to see all your photos and enjoy the closeups of the ferns and flowers. Your bee shot is amazing with that pollen ball! I've only seen those pollen balls in nature programs and not in real life. Wow! I'm so glad you share your part of the world with us. :)

  12. When I visit the west coast the beauty of the vegetation certainly gets my attention. But I guess what influences me more is the humidity combined with lush vegetation the gives a freshness to the whole area.

  13. Ahh.. that creek!!
    Those are perfect conditions for me, too.
    Our ferns are up and things are at their most glowing fresh green in the woods. The color will deepen now as summer advances. That lush green is one that I associate with our exploring in the PNW - which I so admire!
    The woods feel like a magical fern gully land. :)

  14. Wow, what lushness and beauty! Those flowers on your front porch have inspired me. Tomorrow, I'm going to buy some for my front porch!

  15. You do live in a breathtaking part of the country. And you explore every bit of it. Good for you!

  16. We share a love for those same busy little bees, wonderful shot, and gorgeous blooms !
    The hidden creek is just spectacular, Mother Nature always amazes us, doesn't she :)

  17. Those flowers are so beautiful, ever thing is in bloom all over. We lived on that side of the state for several years before moving to the East side. It is easy to take all the greenery for granted until you leave it. Our arid summers really make me miss the lush green.

    Love your shot of the bumble bee. The pollen sac is probably easier to see on honey bees legs. Those girls can fill one up in no time at all.

  18. Dear DJan, I so agree with this sentence of yours: "I wish there were some way for me to keep a beginner's eye." I so often lose that beginner's eye, that innocence, that childlike delight. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  19. I was definitely struck by how beautiful the northwest was when we visited there.


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