Thursday, June 20, 2013

At the end, Horseshoe Bend

The washout on Church Mountain road
It was definitely one of our more soggy days, all right. I awoke to the sound of rain and checked the forecast: the entire western side of our state would be wet today, our hiking day. But I knew that at least Al and I, and probably Mike, would be meeting at the Center to head out for a wet slog in the High Country. However, Mike didn't come, but Jonelle and Terry joined us. Al and his ladies. We headed out for our original destination, hoping to get at least to the Church Mountain meadows. But it was not to be. Not only is the road washed out, but once we inspected it more closely, we decided it would be dangerous to try and cross the rushing water of Fossil Creek.
Not much road there, and lots of rushing water
Although you can see that the road continues on the other side, we just couldn't get excited about trying to cross it, not to mention that the heavy rain would make it even more dangerous once we returned in a few hours. Okay then, how about driving up the rest of way on the highway and hike around Bagley Lake? Nice short hike in the rain, what do you think?
Wet trio with snowed-in trail behind
Nope, not a good idea. When we got there, we found that the wind was blowing and the pelting rain didn't make it very enticing, not to mention that the entire trail except the first part is still under snow. Okay, how about we go down the road and take a look at Nooksack Falls on our way to Horseshoe Bend? We climbed back in the car and headed down, out of the wind at least, if not the rain.
Looking at the falls
There were no other cars at the falls, which is unusual, except that we were there in a steady rain in the middle of the week. What are Terry and Jonelle looking at behind that barrier?
Nooksack Falls
The magnificent Nooksack Falls, of course. The roar was so loud that you couldn't talk, and the ground was slippery and waterlogged. And the rain kept falling. We piled back in the car and headed for Horseshoe Bend, a hike we don't do often because it's not very long (three miles round trip), but it sounded pretty good, considering. It's very pretty, even with the rain.
Me with my umbrella
I remembered that this hike was pretty easy, so I decided to try using my umbrella (having learned the trick from Mikey), but I didn't take my trekking poles, since I would have needed a third hand to use them both. Big mistake. I won't do THAT again.
Stream crossing
Al had not taken his trekking poles either, but fortunately Terry and Jonelle did. We shared them as we made our way across this rushing stream. Some feet got a little wet, but I of course had to fall right in. One foot slipped off a rock and I went down, butt first. I felt the cold water on my legs and both boots were immediately filled with water. Once I got up and assessed the damage, however, it was only my feet that were really wet, as my rain pants and rain coat kept me mostly dry. Wool socks and mild temperatures meant we could continue on to our destination.
Jonelle and Al on the Horseshoe Bend trail
It was very pretty, but it never stopped raining the entire day. My feet were still wet from the dip in the stream, so our lunch break wasn't very long. We only hiked three miles in a couple of hours, spent quite a long time in the car driving from place to place, but the company was really good. At the end of the day, I think we all had a good time, even if it wasn't one of those days we'll be thinking of as a favorite. As they say, into every life some rain must fall!


  1. glad you opted to stay safe w/ river crossings and the like - even if you got wet feet. you are die-hard hikers, no doubt.

  2. You are a persistent hiker, DJan. I stayed indoors and watched the rain outside.

  3. Thank goodness you were not hurt. It is always so lush and green there, but I'm not sure I'd like all the rain you have to keep it that way. It is nice to see your hiking treks again. I am back in the blogging saddle with a new blog.

  4. Spending more time in the car than hiking....that sounds more like my speed! ;-) You are a persistent bunch, I'll give you that!

  5. It is beautiful there even in the rain. I hope your unexpected landing was soft. Looks chilly especially the photo with snow:)

  6. Listen Mary Poppins, what is it about comfort that you simply cannot abide? Did you ever think about reading a good book in comfort instead of falling on your butt in cold rushing water? Try it sometime you might like it.

  7. ha you def got adventure today didnt you....look at those falls...they are blowing off the edge.....ha. you are fearless....

  8. We have to give you high marks for trying to find a decent place to hike. In the fall it was only your pride that got hurt. It sounds like you didn't fall on any rocks as that's the dangerous part.

  9. You four are intrepid hikers! There were so many reasons to just give up, but you didn't.

  10. I am so glad that you erred on the side of caution - and sorry about your damp posterior and wet feet. A well deserved wine o'clock to night...

  11. Oh my goodness DJan, as if the falling rain wasn't enough moisture. Glad you didn't get hurt when you fell. The view of the falls is gorgeous.

    We had rain all day on Wednesday but a break today.

  12. I cringed when I read that you slipped and fell, Jan.
    Please, be careful; it doesn't take but an instant for you to get hurt. Take care of you!
    The waterfall is beautiful.
    I vote that some days are spent better INSIDE with a cup of coffee or tea and that good book!
    Hugs to you,

  13. I guess you don't live in the Pacific Northwest if you don't like the rain -- but, wow, those are some waterfalls! (And I'm glad you survived your fall with nothing but wet feet).

  14. I would so love to do these hikes with your group. What amazing scenes, and I'm sure terrific bonding of friends with similar interest.

    Walking [hiking] in the rain sounds heavenly 'bout now. Heck, even a 'cold butt dip' in the water sounds refreshing. It's HOT here. LOL

  15. Gee, I don't see how you can make such miserable weather sound like fun. Lol. I would not have even ventured out of my home much less hike for 3 miles. But, the friendship in the car was worth it, I guess.

  16. Wow, you are TROOPERS! Good for you. :)

  17. Your group makes bull dogs look like chihuahuas when it comes to determination. Glad you were able to salvage the day with a great view of the waterfalls and only getting wet. So glad you weren't hurt.

  18. Here's what I wonder about sometimes. Who is Al Who are these other hardy hikers who join you several times a week for these hikes? It feels like a past life group of some kind, reunited.

  19. What a lovely series of photos.

  20. crossing that stream seemed a bit scary
    I love how you guys all wear such bright colors and carry fabulous umbrellas
    Stay dry!

    hugs from me and Hope

  21. Oh no! Wet feet! I bet you were really glad to be home and take off your boots! You're right, though. It's pretty even in the rain. :)

  22. Oh wow! That's really wet. You fell butt first and could still go on? I'm amazed! I'm glad you didn't get hurt and are warm and safe now.


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