Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where did the time go?

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized I hadn't written a post this past weekend, OR one yesterday, either! And tomorrow is the Thursday hike again, with my obligatory post of the day spent outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. I've been spending the days going into town as usual, riding my bike, watering the garden, and reading. I finished two books this weekend and started The Invisible Bridge, which I unfortunately cannot put down. Being 600 pages long, this is a bit of a problem. I'm halfway through the book, and I'm loving it.  That link takes you to a New York Times book review, called "When Europe Wept," which I found for you to understand a bit of why this book has absorbed me. It begins in 1937 with a young Hungarian Jewish man going to Paris to study architecture. He is caught up in the horrible events in Europe, along with being Jewish. I care deeply about Andras and his family, and because of him, I've become a bit of a slacker here on my blog. I apologize, but if you want to get involved in a very good read and lose a few days or weeks of your own life, read this book.
Yesterday morning on my way to the bus, I stopped to say hello to my garden and snapped this picture of the early morning rays on the kale. It's so pretty, how can I ever bring myself to eat these leaves? Don't worry, I will, I'm just not sure when it's appropriate to harvest them and whether I just take a few off and leave the plant intact. There is plenty of information available on line, so I'll do some checking when it seems like the time is right. I've got blossoms on my Asian eggplant, which also excites me, thinking of actual eggplants showing up.

And I'm fighting with the slugs. Right now I'm saving eggshells and spreading them around my plants, hoping they won't like the feeling as they slither onto my plants during the night. I was told one sure-fire way to get rid of slugs is to put out pie tins filled with beer. They will fall in and drown as they get drunk, I'm told. That seems like a strange way to keep them away; with my luck they will start a tavern and spread the word to all their friends. (smile)

I really truly thought I had written a post here on Saturday and then yesterday I thought about writing another one, but I looked up from my book and found that it was time for bed. How did that happen? Where did the time go? I'll be back here again tomorrow after our hike, hoping to keep myself on track. I know I'm the one who sets these deadlines for myself, but they feel as real to me as any I followed when I was working. Now I'm off to read my friends' blogs! Until tomorrow...


  1. A friend of mine here in Hawaii pours salt on the slugs. My daughter's husband removes about 30 slugs every morning from their herb garden in their patio. Now, slugs are the reason I don't grow vegetables, relying on the store for them. Lol.

    Enjoy your book. Don't worry about your deadlines so much, though I kept checking to see if you had written something new. Cheers, DJan!

  2. Summer is a good time NOT to feel guilty spending time with a good book...The one veggie I never had any luck with in our garden was eggplant. Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy yours!

  3. Time just disappears when you are engrossed in a good book. I might look this one up it sounds really interesting.

  4. Wow, that is some book. You're retired, it's okay to read rather than post. Love your garden picture.

  5. DJan, for goodness sake... enjoy your summer without worrying about writing a post. I do know the feeling though. I impose a schedule on myself, also.

    It sounds like your garden is coming along quite nicely. That's a lovely photo of the kale. I can't say I've ever eaten kale so I look forward to hearing about what you'll do with it post harvest.

  6. that's a good book when you can immerse yourself in it. :)

    looking forward to seeing the slug tavern in the future! :) belly up to the bar, boys!

  7. I would put small jar covers filled with beer at ground level in several places. Drink the remaining beer. I was wondering what happened to you..summer and reading..I should have known. I have two days off in a row this week today and tomorrow!!! Tomorrow Far Guy has another injection..we will see how long this one lasts for..I most likely won't write about it unless it lasts longer than a week or two. I am lollygagging today after many busy days:)

  8. lol on your slug tavern....the kale is looking good...and thanks for the hit on the book...will check it out...always looking for something to read...

  9. You're really into your book aren't you. Isn't that nice. I love it when I have a book I can't put down. Your kale looks wonderful and I'm sure it will taste delicious. There are lots of ways to get rid of slugs but it's an uphill battle. I collect mine in a bucket and take them up to the top of the garden where they can't do any harm to anything precious. We also have trouble with pigeons. They love to eat new shoots on things.

  10. Ahh, the joys of a good book! Ones you can't put down are hard to find so ENJOY!

    I heard the same things about slugs but never tried it. I wonder if it actually works or if you just end up with a bunch of drunk slugs!

    Have a great week and happy reading.
    xo jj

  11. My Honey has the most delicious recipe for kale and feta cheese with cherry tomatoes over pasta - all fresh- all yummy!
    Life happens and makes blogging difficult- it's all good!

  12. Summer reading is wonderful. Hope when you finish your book you'll have lots to tell us about it. I've been reading The Sound of a Wild Snail sort of made me chuckle when you mentioned hope yours slugs are under control soon. Your kale looks awesome.

  13. Tom uses beer to trap slugs. I just put out the slug bait and "let "em die!"
    I am working toward having time to read a book. It MIGHT happen in the near future.

  14. I know what you mean about time running away. I posted today and it had been 10 days since I had posted on my blog – but you know my posts, they are like we say in French “fleuves” which means “rivers” with no ends…..
    You know when I started growing my roses years ago I went to our Cooperative Extension, Ga State, and they analyzed my dirt for free, this way I knew exactly what to place in it. Do they have this in your state?
    About biking – when I did bicycle after a pause the part that gave me the most problem was my but – it really hurt! So, DJan, are you going to watch the Tour de France this year? It starts this Saturday in Liege, Belgium, and will go through many lovely French villages for 3 weeks.
    I know what you mean about the state of the world. While in Memphis we did not watch the news, but back home we do, and it’s not a jolly tale. I wish people enjoyed talking about politic more, like they do in Europe, maybe they would be more interested in learning the truth – but there is apathy here – less than 50% vote and in my other country it is 85% or more. For example they got rid of Sarkozy, Bush’s friend, who had adopted an agenda exactly like the Republicans are proposing – and it did not work – more people got out of work and there was more recession, but then the rich did get richer….

  15. Another good recommendation! I've heard that epsom salt sprinkled around plants does the trick for keeping slugs and other critters away. But I can't say for what what happens if the salt soaks into the plants!

  16. Time goes by quickly when you're having fun. Being absorbed in a book is definitely fun.
    I don't have a schedule for posting. I like to post every three or four days.
    Keep on moving and reading.

  17. Yes where does that time go? I wonder that almost daily.Pub for slugs even rhymes:)

  18. Never worry about meeting a deadline Post, when you are captured in the love of a great read. I never worry about em, I have only a handful, but a great audience that waits patiently, as I get around to pumping out another post. I admire those that write on a frequent basis, however, time does not permit me to do this. Our summer here is short , that's my excuse? and I'm sticking to it.
    Your garden is coming along lovely. Here in the East, I put seaweed around my plants, n flower garden and it works very well. The slug family do not like crawling across seaweed, especially once it dries.
    Glad you are enjoying your book - I thought you had gone off to climb a mountain on your bike :)
    Have a great day DJan :)

  19. I think about your blog as "Adventures in the Land of Rain. That is because I find titles to be fascinating. I just finished Nicholas Sparks' "Nights in Rodanthe," because the title reeled me into it. I just returned a book to the library with a great title: "Betrayal of the Blood Lily."

    Books about WWII are always on my reading list. I will have to take a look at "The Invisible Bridge."

  20. The beer thing didn't work for me when I had slugs. It killed a whole bunch of ants though. A toad would be wonderful and he would eat all your slugs.

  21. Hello DJan!
    I finally got wifi, and planned to check and see where you hiked today, but then I remembered, it's Thursday in France, but not yet in the states!

    Time is flying, I know exactly what you mean. I am very interested in reading the book you mention and will look for it when I get home.

    We are visiting Normandy beaches tomorrow and the American Cemetery. We also have tickets to the Memorial in Caen. It will be a moving weekend.

    We are driving, and surviving; staying in the most quaint little village. I'll post photos this weekend, I hope!

  22. Hi Jan....check out this link for help with the slugs:

  23. Oh, nothing like being lost in time--whether it's a good movie or a good book or creating art or writing...just go for it, baby!! Go for it! We'll still be here when you surface.

    Good luck with your slugs. We don't have them here so I have never heard anything about slug taverns--LOL!

    Now get back to reading!! Enjoy!! ;) *hugs*

  24. Getting lost in a good book is a sure way to forget about the time. That's one of the reasons my post are a little infrequent at times.
    Your kale looks so good and I'm looking forward to seeing those eggplants.

    Have a great weekend DJan!

  25. Dear DJan, the beer in pie pan works well with slugs. That kale is lovely in its green and gently arched leaves.

    Thanks for the link to the book review in the NY Times.
    I'll get the book from the library.



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