Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This and that

Our community garden is now in full swing, as you can see here. I took this picture on Saturday, not wanting to wade into it since we have had almost two inches of rain these past three days. It was cloudy and rainy Saturday through most of Monday. Our temperature never got out of the sixties, while much of the rest of the country sweltered. Here's the latest forecast from the Climate Prediction Center for the coming 6–10 days:
Looks like the Pacific Northwest and the northeast part of the country will be cooler than normal, and the precipitation map (available from the link) shows those two places will be wetter than normal, too. Great for the garden but not so great for hiking, biking or skydiving. Although we go on our Thursday hikes rain or shine, it sure would be nice to have some shine for a change.

Last Friday, however, was a beautiful day and I rode my bike a fair distance. It surprises me how differently I use the quadricep muscles for bicycling, which is the only reason I can explain how sore they were after what I considered to be a short ride (10–12 miles). I got fenders so I can ride in the rain, but I had little desire to go out and break them in. It's amazing to me how many bikes are on the road: I never noticed before, but now I watch each rider and take note of their techniques for riding in traffic. I downloaded a map of the bike routes around town; there are quite a lot, and since I can ride the bus with my bike to avoid most traffic and get to parks and other places, I'll probably do a fair amount of that.

Yesterday my friend Judy and I went to see Hysteria, a move made last year with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy, among others. It is a comedy set in England in the mid-nineteenth century, when Dr. Mortimer Granville invented the vibrator for the medical treatment of hysteria. That is historical fact, but the movie is a whimsical comedy with some really fun performances. It didn't get great reviews (only 55% on Rotten Tomatoes), but Roger Ebert liked it and wrote
This milestone in human progress has never received the respect it deserves, and yet vibrators have been selling widely and well ever since, even in the early Sears catalogs. ... The performances are spot on, and I especially like the spunky Gyllenhaal.
So did I. This is not a great movie, but I really enjoyed it, laughed a lot, and I thought the guy sitting next to me was going to have a paroxysm of his own, he was laughing so hard at times. If you want to laugh and appreciate some good period costumes and acting, this is the movie for you.

I'm also reading and enjoying a book written and released last fall by Dr. Andrew Weil, Spontaneous Happiness. I'm halfway through it, and I'm enjoying hearing all the ways he suggests finding my own pathway to mental health in a world that I find difficult to appreciate at times. I sometimes get overwhelmed with current world events and lose my perspective, and he suggests many ways to find balance.

Well, that's why this post is titled "This and That." Filled with unrelated stuff, with my own small universe right at the center. I so enjoy reading about what is going on in the lives of my blogging buddies; I hope you will find this a little entertaining.


  1. i'd trade you some heat and sun for some coolness and rain! *sigh*

    the movie sounds fun. i'll look for it on cable.

  2. great recommendation on the book...i will def look into that...and the movie sounds fun and that is all that is needed at times...smiles...its over 90 here today, so bring on a little rain to cool it off..

  3. I want to see that movie. But it sounds like it is only sort of good. Hmmm. I love anything with a MG in it though. Our garden has us picking raspberries everyday now. And we're foraging for Black Raspberries as well. I have the scratches to prove it!

  4. I am very interested in the success of your garden.
    I think cycling at Bellingham would give you a good work out with the hills.
    I know that the incredible lunacy of our leaders certainly gives cause for concern.
    Go and enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Keep those garden pictures & comments coming. Now about Buster, how are we supposed to think of her in feminine terms with a name like Buster?

  6. I would love to live in Washington -- except for the rain. Although, today in all this heat, rain would be a mighty good thing. That's so cool that you can take the bike on the bus.

  7. I wonder if that movie was based on a play, written by a Briton who belonged to Pen Women-Honolulu chapter. She wrote it a few years ago and a scene was performed at one of our meetings. Two or three years ago, she moved back to London. Don't remember her name.

  8. I sure hope the garden gets some sun and takes off like a rocket! LOL! :)
    Never heard of that movie, but just the premise made me giggle. I do remember reading about vibrators as a cure for women's hysteria--ROFL!! A great calming agent, I guess, eh? It's not out yet on Netflix, but I put it in my saved DVDs for when it is.

    Andrew Weil usually has some pretty interesting things to say. I haven't read anything by him for a log time. I think I need to buy myself a Kindle for Christmas. ;)

    Cooler is better than this heat and humidity. I'm jealous! Karma--she likes the heat. Crazy cat! Have a wonderful Wednesday. :):)

  9. I bet your garden plants are lovin' the rain. The garden looks very nice. Is there a gate, or is the fence low enough that you can step over?
    Congratulations on your bike riding. Interesting to me that after all your hiking that you would feel any muscle soreness at all from riding your bike.
    I enjoy your blog; your center of the universe is lovely, my friend.
    Continue to take care of you.

  10. I really like hearing what you are up to - so many fun things. I also love to bike, but mine is stationary at the wellness center. Having a kindle to read makes the time go ever so much faster...don't try that on the road.
    Our garden here in Virginia is growing by leaps and bounds. Wonderful growing weather this year. Bob harvested new garlic this past week. We tried a new one this year, a Russian variety, quite pungent.

  11. I am not paying much attention to the idiots in the news. If something important happens Far Guy will tell me. He follows lots of news..and often gets banned from yahoo news because of his hilarious comments.
    I am certain you will have all the bike trail memorized before long. The movie sounds like a fun one:)

  12. The garden will likely do very well in wet and warm. When the hot and dry comes, everything will go "sprong," and there will be vegetation everywhere.

    Tomorrow is the day I get my bike going. As for my legs, that will be another story.

    Not sure about the movie. Most things don't get this far.

    Thanks for the "this and that." It was a fun read.

  13. I would like that movie! good actor, humor, and costumes. A hat movie!
    I can just see you riding around on your bike. You are such a spunky person who seems so well adjusted. Maybe you can learn from that book, but I'm thinking you could write your own.

  14. You're always so active, I feel like a couch potato reading your posts. It is fun to check into all the blogs and play voyeur. I would be tempted to check the garden daily, but it is more rewarding to see the progress after a week. My summer tends to be books, movies and keeping out of the heat.

  15. Mornin' DJan - Looks like we are going straight up to somewhere in the 90's today and here in the Maritimes, somewhere in the 70's is considered summer. We are heading to the ocean floor in St. Andrews, short 20 min drive and spend the day exploring, reading, playing with PJ in the water and picnic lunch. No bikes, bicycles today, however, I thing an early evening motor bike would be refreshing.
    The garden will be happy with the rain and it looks like you raised your rows up enough to have the rain run along the gully's beside them.
    Its great that you have cycling trails, we do not have any in this small town, except to share a walking path down by the river. We do have a small cycling club that meet every Thursday night at the drugstore and bicycle ride together on the highway. I haven't done that yet. I prefer to ride around and about town and down by the river.
    Movie sounds great - I must watch for that online.
    I noticed that Linda called your bike "Buster", did you change from "Butch" - also, I think "Lilly" is a nice name. ha,ha
    Have a great day and take care lol

  16. I like just about anything Maggie G does, such a good actress and seems like a sweet regular gal

    we are about to enter a heat wave

    loved your comment about Jung vs. Freud and I agree
    Freud would be so dismissive of blog friends and simply insist we all needed more sex ;)

  17. Love the book title. Weil always has wisdom to impart. And the moview sounds like what I need right now - a good dose of laughter!

  18. Biking would be so much fun right now. I should really buy a kiddie trailer so I can go.

    Hysteria sounds hilarious. ;)

  19. I stop by to see what's going on at your center of the Universe and I'm never disappointed. It does sound like a fun movie. Enjoy your excursions with Buster!

  20. I found it very entertaining. Thanks for sharing your life with us. That movie sounds fun and long overdue! :) I get a bit overwhelmed by the goings-on in the world, too, and need some perspective. Perhaps that's the best thing about blogging, we get that from our blogging friends. Thank You.

  21. I suppose the garden will be delighted with the rain. We actually had a day of sunshine today but back to the rain tomorrow apparently. Let's hope it cheers up a little for your weekly hike.

  22. Dear DJan, this posting of yours revealed to me once again how varied your life and interests are. You are, I think, a true Renaissance woman--you delve into many subjects in your journey toward wholeness. And your sharing them on the blog helps me too.

    That's one of the reasons I so enjoy reading the blogs of others. I learn so much. Those blogs examine my world, which is quite a calm and solitary one right now.


  23. Loved all of your this and that, and will definitely have to check out the movie. I could use a good laugh. I get pretty caught up in the countries state of affairs myself. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

  24. Sounds like my kind of movie. I'll see if it is on Netflix instant watch later today.

    Unfortunately the political climate is only going to get worse. Enough said about that.

    Love watching your garden grow.

  25. Oh I'm there with you on the world these days. It's so disheartening at times. And it's aggravating that the majority does nothing to improve it. Guess I'm way to cynical. I will have to keep my eye out for that movie, will want to watch it if I can laugh...I need to laugh. Your biking excursions - just reading about them - make ME sore!!! And then...your garden and the 'cooler than normal' sounds heavenly. We finally did get some good rains this week.

  26. Enjoy that cool, rainy weather, I know your garden will. It's supposed to hit 90 over this way today and then back to the rain and seventies. Your garden patch has come a long way and is looking good.

  27. I've heard about that movie and wondered about it. I have a feeling Art won't want to see it with me though.

  28. Have you seen The Exotic Marigold Hotel yet?? That's one I can't wait to see. Also--Morgan Freeman as new one coming out this summer called The Secret of Belle Isle...Good movies this summer. I hope I get the chance to see Hysteria--love Maggie Gyllenhall...


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