Sunday, December 25, 2011

A better day today

I just read my Christmas Eve post and really am looking for ways to move beyond the event, so I would like to give my dear blogging friends a picture from last winter, of this lovely grey jay, a gentle reminder of all the beauty in the world. The trekking poles add just enough color to the picture to make it one of my favorites.

I'm much better today, after the shock has worn off and the hemorrhaging of charges on my cards has stopped. The nice people who are allowing me to park my car in such a way that it is safe from vandalism until Tuesday afternoon (when the window will be fixed) reminds me that many people are more than willing to be helpful if asked. People also asked if they got my house key, and no they didn't; I carry a spare car key in the billfold to leave with the auto shop when work needs to be done. The rest of my keys were in my pocket. I'm thinking of having the locks changed in the car so I won't have to keep worrying about it. We'll see.

Last night I woke in the middle of the night and kept going over and over the things in my purse (it's actually a day pack that I use for a purse) and hoping I remembered all the important things. If I had been willing to learn how to download and use the "Find My iPad" software, I could have made it immediately unusable and locked it up tight. Next time, believe me. If you have one, do yourself a favor and learn about it. How much I would have loved to keep them from looking inside it.

And the final coup de grĂ¢ce was this morning, Christmas morning, when I thought of the special treat I had bought myself: a chocolate bar with 88% dark chocolate. I went to get it... and remembered that it's gone, too. I sighed and gave it to the Universe along with all the rest. Ah, well.

The wind is blowing a gale outside and the birds keep getting blown off the feeder. The rain is coming down sideways, but I'm happily ensconced inside with lots of good food and great companionship. I talked with my brother today and my sister yesterday on iChat and feel a bit on the emotional side, but otherwise just fine. When I read my blogging friends' posts this morning, many of them caused tears to just stream down my face, unbidden. I welcomed them, and the gratitude for my community of dear friends continues to grow. Thank you for being part of my life.

News flash: Update to this blog, 2:38pm PST: My friend Holly (who was with me yesterday on the walk), just came to my house with her partner to bring me THIS! And she had not yet read this post:
So, I guess I was truly able to offer it up, and CiCi's revision to the Universe has made my day. I am just thrilled and feeling really and truly blessed. You might notice one of the chocolates is already eaten. :-)

Enjoy the day in whatever way brings you the most pleasure. That's what I'm doing...


  1. Well darn, I didn't know about the chocolate being gone too. The things I was sending out to the universe about the person who broke you car window and took your things have to be altered now. I am not feeling so kindly toward someone who steals your chocolate. No, not at all. Where is that voodoo doll again....I have some longer pins too for just such an occasion as this.

    So glad you are doing better. I hope you go out and get some more chocolate and bring it back and relax.

    Much love to you.

  2. Love the jay. And hugs for you, and bad cess to the chocolate thief.

  3. and least you weren't mugged! That's supposed to be a comforting thought because I would hate that to happen to you or anybody. However, do be careful in the next week or two. You will get over the theft in time, but my heart goes out to you at the moment. It's so unfair.
    Can I help at all?

  4. My dear friend, how is that for service? Your chocolate was delivered to you with much love in person. Wow. You are in fine tune with the universe I must say.

  5. Woman, you are being taken care of beautifully. Love, love, love that you received your chocolate so quickly and to have it hand delivered to your door!

    You also have a dear brother and sister who obviously care very much.

    I can hear it in this post, that you are already moving away from fear and anger... Keep going, until the entire thing seems like a bad dream from which you've awakened.

    Love and hugs.

  6. That picture of the grey jay is beautiful DJan. I am pleased that you received some fancy chocolate. Chocolate is the best medicine for many ailments. Enjoy your Christmas and Boxing Day.

  7. yay you see the universe is giving back to you already...smiles...glad you could enjoy a bit of the day

  8. Hallelujah. I rejoice that you received fine chocolates, and that your car is protected for the time being. And thanks for the reminder about "Find My iPad." Must look it up, although my iPad mostly lives at home.

  9. That's such a pretty photo of the Jay guy, and that candy looks so exceptionally good. How nice. I love that you have such a good spirit DJan.

  10. Your resilience is inspiring, to say the least my dear sister. The season of Christmastide has begun and it sounds like you still have a perfect attitude for making the absolute most of it. Love you.

  11. I hope your insurance company is as nice as all of your friends. Some things aren't replaceable, but hopefully, replacement of important things can renew that sense of control that we all need over our lives.

  12. Good to hear that things are turning around for you. It's a real struggle to cope with a situation where you have been grievously wronged.
    Yesterday I went to visit a neighbor who had an accident in Sept where she had a spinal injury. She's been in the hosp until four days ago. She's a single Mom with two boys. Was a real eyeopener to see her. She's come back a long way but she still can't walk.

  13. Oh, DJan...

    Just read the previous post too...I have only been robbed once and the feelings of violation were excruciating to my little Pollyanna heart...

    It will pass and you will recover. That doesn't make it not hurt or be okay. But stuff is stuff and money....well, it's just some stuff you trade for other stuff. NO one was hurt and that is a big deal.

    I love you. Eat the magic chocolates and snuggle up with the smart guy and remember that the things that really matter are right where your feet can always get more stuff....

    It's hard times for a lot of people these days and this kind of stuff is happening a lot, I'm afraid.

    Merry Christmas...

  14. You go girl!! You sound so much better..I am relieved. :) for the chocolates delivered by a friend!!

  15. I thought that the grey jay was a hawk from the coloring. That is truly an amazing photo. Ahh... so those are your trekking poles. I haven't been able to use my walking poles because it's rained every night for the past 2 weeks.

    I must say, chocolates always raise my spirits.

  16. Ah, my friend you have a positive attitude and beautiful heart. And chocolate heals. Everyone knows that. And evidently, CiCi is a magician. :)

    Beautiful photo, DJan. I can see why it's one of your favourites.

  17. Hi DJan, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better about things and moving on. Of course beautiful Gray Jays and yummy chocolates delivered by a good friend would definitely help.

    I'll bet a piece of that chocolate would go well with a nice glass of wine. Enjoy yourself and know you are surrounded by friends.

  18. That is a beautiful picture of the jay. :)

    I had to giggle when you were talking about your chocolate being gone and handing it over to the universe--and poof! Chocolates!! :):)

    I'm so glad you're feeling better. Keep smiling. And if I helps you to feel less stressed--change the locks. ;)

  19. Hiss and boo to the thief! Your advice about the ipad...I'm going to learn to do that today. Our daughter had a similar theft - purse in her car, phone, wallet, credits cards, everything gone. It's a violation when it happens, just like you said. But it sounds like you've moved beyond it.

  20. Gosh, Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. We had the Suburban broken into out at Lake Padden. It's such a nice place to walk though that one soon forgets the bad.

  21. So glad you're moving on and feeling better. Violation is awful.

  22. Just catching up and am so sorry for your woe before the holiday. But it is so wonderful to know you have friends who care - you were thrown a lemon, and your friends helped make the lemonade. Happy New Year!

  23. I am just catching up. I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope you are able to get past this awfulness soon. Thank goodness you have such nice friends and neighbors.

  24. I'm glad to see your strength shining through on each of these posts. Enjoy the chocolates and think on the promise of the coming New Year! many more hugs heading your way!!!

  25. Oh DJan,
    I'm so sorry. I try to read my favourite blogs daily, but must have been busy with Christmas prep - I didn't see this until today. Curse them! My brother, mentally ill and living on a disability pension, got his scooter (his only transportation) stolen a few weeks ago, on his birthday, of all days. I can only hope that the thief needed it more than my brother did. Hard to imagine, but I'll try. I had my purse stolen, many years ago when I was a poor student. The thief got my rent money, and other valuable things. Again - he must have needed it more than I did. I hope. I do understand how violated you must feel; I would, and did, too. I know your overall positive attitude will see you through this, and I'm glad you know it too.
    Take care.

  26. Inspiring attitude, m'blog friend...

    rat bastards -

    A Friend's Prayer

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who screws up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.


  27. Oh DJan, it was so good to read this post and feel the positive energy emanating from you as you wrote. To have suffered the awful loss and violation was huge, but, you turned it around and got back to the business of living. Blessings on your friend who brought the chocolates!!

    We've been broken into twice in our driveway, and it is maddening. (Several years ago it was Christmas gifts they took from the trunk!) These thieves are so brutally ballsy (Jessica is laughing at me, shocked!) to break into cars in broad daylight. It amazes me!

    I guess on a positive note, things can only get better, don't you think??

    hugs to you!

  28. Oh, so sorry about the break in. I left the window open in my car this Summer and someone stole a make up bag filled with coupons. I joked that people should watch out for squirrel bandits at Lunds because there were acorns on the drivers seat! But yours made off with some nice things. And put a little humbug in your Christmas. Jerks!

  29. Chocolates tooo????? what the h--- oh my goodness...I am sending out many many blessings to you, not everyone steals and steals, oh, my goodness, the bad karma coming to those person or persons, why do others think to steal what others work for so dad blasted hard and in this depression to boot??????!!!! We still love B--ham as we call Bellingham, we find the place with terrific people, places to hike beauty beyond compare, we hope you don't get too discombobulated by what has happened...I am sure your wonderful self will be bringing you only good things, long hikes, the beauty of the area and love and peace in 2012 if not sooner, we are sending out our very best wishes, love and just hang in there, people must be absolutely nuts to do what they did to you..enough said, peace out!~~~~

  30. I hate that this happened. I'm sorry. It's got to be difficult to let it go and try to salvage the holidays when you keep having to deal with the business of being robbed.
    I read about it on FB and have been sending prayers your way. How wonderful to get some chocolates! It may not fix things but does make some things more bearable. I'm hoping by now you've gotten the window fixed on your car. It's great to have neighbors that are willing to help you out!


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