Friday, June 25, 2010

Exceptional flowers

What makes a flower picture really exceptional? The Retired One (whose May contest I won) has challenged us to enter her June contest on "Flowers." Well, that's a tall order, when I realize that a flower all by itself is beautiful, and a photographer can find all kinds of reasons for thinking that her picture is exceptional. I took this one when the flowers I set out to attract hummingbirds came out, and I think it's pretty exceptional, but there are so many others that are even more attractive.
You can always hope for a brilliant insect to land on a flower, adding a certain other dimension to the picture, and what could make this beautiful white Canterbury Bell more exceptional that the addition of a green-hued insect? (Click any to appreciate fully.)
Yesterday while walking to the dentist's office, I spied these beautiful California poppies. They helped me remember all the times I saw them previously and immediately made my feel good. Of course, getting to the dentist's office was not something I was looking forward to, no matter how much I might love my dentist, and I was glad to snap a picture of these orange beauties.

Now that it's been a day since the dentist put that permanent crown on, I'm still hoping that the sensitivity I'm feeling will dissipate. After all, I didn't have it with the temporary, and after all that pushing and pulling I am hoping that is the reason for the continuing sensitivity. Having dental work is not that different from other kinds of pain: once I have it and it goes away, I can't remember when I had the pain before. Is that normal? I'm not talking hot and cold sensitivity but a mild ache when I bite down on foods.

I'm hoping that life is treating all of you well today, and that summer is taking ahold in your part of the world and making the wonders of the season available to you. Finally summer seems to have arrived in the Pacific Northwest, as we had our first day over 75 degrees on Wednesday. It had been a full nine months!


  1. I love flower pictures. When I got my first camera I took a million flower shots; I felt it was a great way to learn how to use my camera and play with different settings and such. Of course, it was film so it was a little less instant gratification on the shots...I have to say, digital is easier in a lot of ways.

    I really like the shot of the poppies. For whatever reason I love any of the orange hued flowers.

    Things here are pretty good, they've improved in the last day or so. I'm glad ya'll are finally having summer; I'd love to have some 75 degree weather! I'm probably going to sweat to death at softball tonight (I know Southern women are supposed to glisten but I sweat like a pig!). Right now it's only 88 but we've got 45% humidity. It's like walking through water! Oh well, it'll still be fun:)

  2. The flowers are fab--never saw a flower that I disliked. I have heard that the tooth or gum sensitivity was due to anaesthesia; not being a medical person, I wouldn't know, but in my experience it goes away in days.

  3. Although all 3 photos are beautiful, I especially love the orange flowers.

    When I have crowns installed, the sensitivity/pain lasts about 2 months. Longer than that, then it means I have an abscess and need a root canal. Good luck with your crown!

  4. Gosh I hope everything is alright with your tooth. That can be annoying.
    Your flower photos are great...which one will you submit for the contest? Photos of flowers are tricky for me... not much luck.
    Enjoy yours though.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. DJan: You sweetheart! thanks for the shout-out for my blog and the photo contest!
    And I hope you DO submit a photo and is hard to decide on just ONE isn't it???
    I'm here waiting (she says, anxiously tapping her foot)...LOL!!! I hope some of your followers stop by and enter the contest too..that would be GREAT!

  6. DJan, you are a gutsy lady for sure. Not just the jumping out of airplanes and hiking up mountains in snow and wet weather, but you are entering photo contests, AND WINNING. Wow. The flower photos are really good I think. If I could find some flowers to take photos of I would join the contest too. Hmm.

  7. I love the California very pretty.

    Hope your tooth will feel better soon DJan.

    Have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs

  8. I would like to have a bouquet of all three of the lovely flowers, but the orange poppies are special!

  9. Some of your tulip ones from last spring were awesome! I like the first one the best..not that I am an expert..the second one , I find the wagon or whatever distracting..and the last one is good..but would be better with a different perspective..just my two cents worth:)

  10. DJ...those photos are SPECTACULAR!!! I love the water droplets on the purple!!! But the other two are equally extraordinary! Hope that the dental work isn't causing too much pain...and that as you say, it has dissipated! You're in my thoughts! Love, Janine XO

  11. I had intended to enter that photo contest this time. After all, I do have a few flower photos. But how will I ever decide which one to enter?!

  12. Oooh those are really brilliant display of flowers! Flowers are the most beautiful subject for photography, do you agree?

    BTW, thanks for the comment you left but I thought it's not meant for me? Haha.


  13. I'll have to check out the retired blog. And yes, your photos are beautiful. But your writing is even better. It's always so interesting.

  14. Sorry to hear about the sensitivity your are feeling with the crown, hopefully it will go away soon.

    Your flower shots are gorgeous, flowers are one of may favorite subjects. I love those California poppies.

  15. The flower pictures are gorgeous and I love the green insect. I had a firefly land on my hand the other evening and it lit up in my hand. What a delight! I think the reason you are having the sensitivity is because of all the pulling and pushing that went on to get the temporary crown off. Let's hope so anyway. Teeth are strange. Sometimes we have an ache in one tooth but the trouble lies in another of the little blighters!
    Blessings, Star

  16. With such beautiful flowers it's no wonder hummingbirds keep showing up at your doorstep! ;o)

    We don't usually get such pretty flowers here... wrong climate! :o(


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