Saturday, April 3, 2010

Farmers' Market 2010

I went out in wind, rain, hail, and blustery conditions to share the opening day of the 18th Annual Farmers' Market with my fellow Bellinghamsters. I loved this pansy, which looks to me like a face with its eyes schrunched shut and saying, "Happy Easter!" The Bellingham Market always begins the season with the mayor of the city throwing out the first cabbage. Here he is welcoming us all to the market:
You notice he's holding the cabbage as he tells us what he's getting ready to do (as if we didn't already know), since this is now a tradition. I got the cabbage in mid-flight, but unfortunately it's not completely in focus. Last year it was sunny and the camera movement wasn't as critical. Plus I had to elbow my way around professional camera people who kept blocking my view.
The boy in the blue sweatshirt successfully caught the cabbage, which gave the market opening an auspicious beginning and hopefully heralds a good season. Even with the weather as unwelcoming as it was, people turned out in droves. And by the time we got ready to leave, the weather began to improve. We even were serenaded by this cute little guy, playing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "This Old Man" on his violin. The little girl seemed more interested in the money!
Even though it's pretty early in the season, I saw asparagus and greens for sale, along with plenty of flowers. People seemed happy to be there, and some were lined up six or eight deep to buy, probably because they have been feeling starved for the market wares. Not only is most of the food here organically grown, but it also supports the local farmers, which is worth a great deal. You can click any picture to enlarge.
There are also local bakeries displaying their wares, which made me decide it was time to leave and come home to have lunch. This delicious baked goody caught my eye, and after suppressing the rumbling in my stomach, I stopped to snap a picture before heading back home. Mmmm!
But just as was heading back to the car, I saw these gorgeous radishes, and the vendor told me they are called "Easter egg radishes" which I thought meant they are just perfect to finish off this post. All pictures were taken this morning at the 18th Annual Farmers' Market.
Happy Easter! And have fun dyeing and hiding those eggs, Mr. Easter Bunny!


  1. Oh my goodness, that bread looks so yummy! I'm excited that the market is back; I love these visits.

    I think it's wonderful that the market is such a big deal. It's great to support the local economy. You've inspired me, and now I intend to see when our market opens. I hate to admit that I've never been even though I've lived here several years now.

  2. I do love Farmers' Markets, and as you showed, they are a wonderful place to take photos. And Oh, I love the idea of throwing out the first cabbage!

  3. I was thinking I needed to get back over to ours again, but still so early in the season, there won't be anything fresh that's local. We do have lots of greenhouse veggie growers and there's always lots of tomatoes and cukes! I would have bought the bread too!

  4. Wonder how the cabbage throwing tradition got started. Your market looks so nice. Lots of things to see and do. We don't have anything like it around here. It would be nice to have a place where we could get local produce.

  5. Your farmers market opens early, ours will open the long weekend in May and I am looking forward to it......great photos. Happy Easter to you and your family.......:-) Hugs

  6. Great photos! We kept our market open all winter this year. It was held inside at a local restaurant that serves organic foods.
    Your market looks wonderful, especially the flowers and asparagus.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Great photos. The bread looks delicious and the radishes are perfect. Makes me anxious for our Farmers' Market, but it's still too early for fresh produce here in Maine.

  8. I love cabbage. I remember when I was a kid my mom used to make me help her plant tomato plants and cabbage plants. I understood the need for tomato plants but cabbage no. I would eat it but hated boiled cabbage. Now it is one of my favorite foods.

  9. I am very envious of your Farmer's Market! We won't have one here for another couple of months. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful food.

  10. Those radishes look very yummy. At home in France, we would eat them as an appetizer with a warm baguette and fresh farm butter. Délicieux!

  11. Oooh everything looks so delicious !
    What a great place to shop, all those lovely flowers, and food.
    We have a local Faramer's Market but not nearly as nice as this one !
    Thanks for sharing your day out with us.
    Happy Easter friend !

  12. Our market will not open until next month so I have a while to wait. It's good to see one opening now and knowing more will follow very soon.

    The bread looks delicious and so do the radishes, yum.

  13. This is wonderful! What a great place to visit!! Everything does look good..and like spring!! :)


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