Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cars and IPOIO

Well, today I took my 2001 Honda Civic in for its 80,000-mile checkup. As anybody who owns a car knows, they will continue to cost money for their owners as long as you have them. They are inanimate objects with moving parts, and they wear out.

As far as cars go, this Civic has been pretty good to me. Other than having to do the periodic maintenance, it hasn't cost me much since I bought it used in 2004. It gets almost 40 mpg on the highway. Before it turns over 100,000 miles I will need to get a new timing belt, and today all of the car's fluids are being replaced. Any time my car, which is named "Silver Auto" (sounds like "Silverado" when you say it), is put up on the rack and looked at from underneath, I get a little worried. What will they find that they haven't seen yet?

My father used to have a saying: "I.P.O.I.O." Whenever he was under a car looking up at the underside, I would hear that phrase, "I.P.O.I.O." It stands for the Innate Perversity Of Inanimate Objects. I still hear his voice in my head when something goes wrong with any machine in my house, and I smile at the recollection. I wonder where HE learned it?


  1. Hondas seem to run forever if well taken care of. Sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. I have driven Hondas for years and I will probably stick with them for many more. I have always named my cars too. My current one is Bess. Guess that is better than the previous one that was called the green weinie.

  2. Years ago some Senator in Washington, that drove an old car, said "the cheapest time to trade in a car is when it won't run anymore." I've never forgotten that.

    I've found that to be true with our Nissan and Mazadas, but the Ford Taurus was gone in six years.

    We had a Nissan I decided could not be killed. It just kept on running until someone else in the family killed it 13 years later.

    Frugal son is looking at new cars but isn't sure what to do with his old Stanza. It's still running good so he hates to buy a new one as long as it keeps purring along. It's about 13 years old.

    We currently have a six year old Mazada mini-van that we've never spent a penny on except routine maintinance.

    Cars are a bit of a hot topic at our house. When a car gets 50,000 miles on it Bob decides it's not safe to drive across town anymore. I, on the other hand, am determined to squeeze every mile possible out of a car. When I leave one on the car lot I want to know they'll never get another mile out of it, not even to move it.

  3. We pretty much drive ours into the ground. I have a 1999 Jeep that has a little over 100,000 miles and hubby has a 2000 Ford Ranger that is incredible with something like 160,000 miles. Other than an oil change, the Ranger has cost us nothing except when hubby burned up the engine a couple of years ago after a oil change that apparently took out the oil and did not replace it. I put new brakes on the Jeep; other than that, oil changes and new tires.

    Living 9 miles from the nearest town, we did buy a 2006 Hyundai in February 2008. I've put about 2200 miles on it. It had 38,000+ and now has 40,000+.

    I love my Jeep. :D

  4. Gotta love those Hondas! I've had mine since '04 and it looks and drives like brand new. It only has 65,000 miles on it though. I wouldn't trade it for anything but a Honda, but plan on keeping this one for as long as I can.
    It's funny how little sayings our parents had stick with us. Comforting isn't it? I remember reading on your blog about your dad...he must of really been special to you.
    Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather. It's a bit cool here but...absolutely lovely. xo

  5. David bought a 2010 Toyota Camry in September. It was part of the big recall and had to be fixed, though David could find nothing wrong with it. He loves this car. So much better than the Saturn Ion that gave him so much trouble.

    I own a 2002 Hyundai Accent. Absolutely no trouble with it!

  6. Yep! The cars we drive everyday are what's known as 'depreciating assets,' which is an oxymoron in my mind! The whole idea behind an asset is the it appreciates and our daily drivers only go down in value.

  7. Our 2000 Toyota Corolla, bought used for a dealer ( it was their run about car and practically brand new but a year old) is running fine and we see no need to replace it. Our 1998 Plymouth Voyager mini van now stays in the garage most of the time, but is great when we have family visiting.

  8. When you find a good car it's best to stick with it. I have no idea where your Dad's phrase came from but whenever my hubby (a Master mechanic) looks underneath one he mutters something under his breath that is somewhat similar.

  9. Umm From what I know Honda Civic is one of the most popular car here in the Philippines and a bit expensive, my cousin owns it for a long time, still using at present and I think it's one of the best car although we haven't had one like that. At present our Ford Ranger is doing well as well as with Hyundai Tucson which I like at present especially when going out of town.

  10. I like that! I am not one of those people who really gets excited about cars (unlike my husband). So I am bound and determined to drive my 4 Runner until it dies. It's 10 years old and has 140,000 miles on it, but I anticipate it lasting for at least another 60,000. At least I hope so. It's far easier to pay the small maintenance fees and the piddly property tax than to contemplate a car payment!

  11. And I thought you only took the bus and the parachute.


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