Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall colors

Everyone, it seems, is talking about (and posting pictures of) fall  colors. It's that time of year, when everything begins to fire up, so to speak, in flames of red and orange. I was expecting a huge storm this morning, but it looks as if it's heading to California and Oregon first, before it hits Washington on Friday. Every day the forecast changes quite a lot.

Yesterday, thinking that all the leaves will be off the trees from the windstorm and with things not looking all that good in rain, I headed out with my trusty camera and took pictures of some of the most beautiful sights I could find. And oh yes, I made two wonderful purchases at last Saturday's Farmers' Market that I haven't yet shared with my blogging friends, so I'm adding a couple pictures of them in too. These gourds were two for a dollar, and I just couldn't resist their shapes. These two look like they are dancing together, to me at least, and the fall colors through the window behind them also show a distinct change of season. (Click any picture to enlarge.)

Saturday was very cold. In fact, we set a record cold temperature for the date. It was in the 30s during the day and, although the sun was shining, it felt really frigid. I wandered over to Northstar Wool Designs, a table with wonderful hats, most of them felted. (If you don't know what this means, you make something in wool and then boil it, which makes it have a completely different texture and size.) My first experience with felting was when I knit myself a wonderful wool sweater and then took it on a cross-country ski trip. Since I was sweating quite heavily, by the time I got home my sweater was felted under the arms and on the back under my pack. Quite ruined for anything but skiing. But on Saturday, I tried on a beautiful hat and I couldn't make myself take it off. Kim Brooke, the artist, says she only uses merlino wool, which is why the hat is so soft and non-scratchy. I'll use it all through the upcoming winter.

So far, my new Snow Leopard OS is behaving, once we found out that it would freeze when getting ready to go into screen saver mode (something didn't get pushed forward), and now I'm noticing a distinctly faster iMac. Now that we've found the problem, I'm happy we decided to upgrade to this new OS. I'd love to hear what others think of it.

And then, of course, there's the "other" fall colors. I couldn't resist adding one more picture of my leg as of today, in all its glory of color from my fall last Thursday. I will not be hiking tomorrow, because my leg is still recovering, and I'm still icing and elevating, both of which are hard to do when you're on a trek. Next week, I hope.



  1. Just because it's Fall it doesn't mean that's what you're suppose to do! Oh my! your leg still looks so painful, but very colorful.
    I LOVE your hat, my sis-in-law made me a felted bag and it's really cool.
    My son is still visiting but I try and leave a comment every now and then.
    Beautiful Autumn colors by the way.
    Sunny :)

  2. OH.MY.WORD. - to the leg. Uh, glad you posted that last because I might not have remembered anything else. DJAN! That looks horrible! You poor thing! It's probably feeling better but wow - those are some SERIOUS battle scars. And people think SKY diving is dangerous! It's this walkin' around business that'll kill us! lol

    Your fall photos are spectacular and yes, I think the gourds look like they're dancing, too. I really like that first one of the colors against the window. Really lovely. And you made a good decision with the hat. Very fun!

  3. Darn...the legs! But it looks better than other day, right? Nice to hear the Leopard is doing well now. Well so far, I don't have much problem with Panther OS, it's older but I like it the only thing that went wrong was the charger I needed to replace with a new one. The battery which has been recalled long time ago has replaced and all is well until now.

    Keep smiling!


  4. Good grief!! The leg! YIKES. Photos are lovely and the gourds are super.

  5. Wow, Djan... That leg still looks NASTY. I am glad that you are feeling better, though. Love the that smile!

    I also have a MAC. Have you tried the IChat, yet? Lots of fun!

  6. OOhh. Your leg looks so bad from the bruising. That must have hurt awful. The fall color photos are pretty. You are really looking good in that hat.

  7. You're the only person I know that decorates their leg for the fall season! Hope it's feeling better. It's likely to still have a little color in the spring.

    Love the hat! It looks so cute on you.

  8. You wear many hats,hat's off to you for that.I love all the fall colors,sooooo pretty!Hope your resting cos that leg isn't so good.

    The hat suits you well.

  9. Terrifically vibrant pictures, especially that one of your leg! That looks so very painful. I hope you get better soon.

  10. That leg is too much! Wow.

    Love your hat. I have a couple of cute felted ones in storage, bought in Minnesota. I miss them.

  11. Now I like the looks of those gords. I have two acorn squash baking in the over for dinner right now. Beautiful fall photos. I have been wanting to get out and take some shots of all of the colors here on the coast, but the rain had othe rideas:)

  12. What a darling hat and you look adorable in it!
    Wow that leg is every color in the rainbow, isn't it? But I do see healing and progress.
    I liked the red vines growing on that window shot, very cool!

  13. oh my goodness! you're leg just looks awful, I hope it's not bothering you too much. I'm not sure which version of OS I have, I'll have to check, some sort of large predatory cat I would assume (used to be panther?)Either way I love whatever it is I have, hate using other people's Windows machines....

    Cute gourds, we had to buy Lizzie one last Saturday to get her to stop eating the stem off TWO pumpkins she insisted on making us buy, we wanted to buy one but she wouldn't let go of the other one...silly girl. you can see them on my Facebook page, BEFORE the meltdown she had when we tried to take her out of the pumpkin patch! -kate

  14. p.s. apparently I have OS X 10.5.8 "Leopard" (panther, puma, saber-toothed tiger...I can't keep track)

    the only issues I have are with Open Office, sometimes the spreadsheet program crashes, cute software nerd husband is always there to help fix it, so useful!

  15. I absolutely love the look gorgeous!

    Hope you take it easy on that leg. The last time I had a bruise that looked like that I had taken a nasty fall off a horse. In addition to the bruise, I had a ruptured spleen!

  16. With all the nasty wet, cold, freezing weather we had last weekend we thought winter had arrived for good. Well today it is going to be near seventy, go figure.

    I love the hat, it would be perfect for our winters. The leg is looking better hope it gets back to normal soon.


  17. You certainly do put yourself through it, don't you Djan! I can see that you leg is improving. The cut is shrinking and the swelling is going down, leaving you with some really spectacular bruising. You can't go walking yet, please....wait till that cut is completely closed up otherwise you may have another accident and get it worse again.
    Blessings on you and your poor leg, Star

  18. You have a truly elegant hat there DJan and it fits you perfectly. I have several hats but so few occasions to wear them – my mother when I was a little girl would always wear a hat. I like your gourds – looking at them really brings the Fall to mind. But your leg is still not looking like it does not hurt. My husband’s leg hurt terribly and when we went to the Cherokee Indian Reservation I bought a special cream for him – he swears it really helped him. Let me see if I can find the name for you, back in a minute. Am back – I found it, it’s called Rooting Bear Rub and it is 100% plant based by Native Touch, a Native American Owned and Operated Company. Now let’s see if they have a web site. Found it – it’s the first picture – for skin care:


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