Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What a day. I woke up to my new OS (operating system) of Snow Leopard on my MacBook, which didn't work all that well as my husband tried to get it to stop freezing up solid. Somehow, it got a little better, because I read all my blogs and papers and it didn't freeze up.

Then I went to check on my credit card, since the balance seemed a little high. And guess what? Two bogus credit card charges!! I called my bank right away and canceled my card, but someone didn't take good care of my card, and I've had this one for almost a decade. Dang!

I get to the gym and find that my pass is missing, I lost it somewhere. It's not hard to get a replacement, but dang! Another thing to make my day less than perfect. I got the replacement card, but what did I do with the other one? Only I could have lost it in the first place, by not taking proper care of it.

So I'm disgruntled. And then, the Willow party is tonight, and I forgot to get my tux ready! I've got a date with k.d. lang, and she insisted that I dress in a tux, which I did get together, finally. We've got to get to the Willow Manor Ball before it's over!

So today has been a mixture of really tough stuff and really cool stuff. I see that most of my blogging friends have gone to the ball, and I sure didn't want to be left out!


  1. That is one sexy tux! It was wonderful to see you and KD at the Ball. You caused such a stir in those sexy clothes. Wow!

    As for the cards - it always freaks me out when my personal finances are disturbed!

  2. Bummer, when a day gets off to a bad start like that it just seems to keep going with one thing after another.

    At least tonight at the Ball you will knock 'em dead with that tux. Just strut your stuff and have a great time.

  3. Sounds like one of those what can go wrong will do so just to irritate you.. I do hope the ball cheers you up..have a fantastic time..:)

  4. It happens sometimes DJ, when some things comes in disarray, anyway get yourself ready and make them jaws drop on the floor! Enjoy!


  5. We all have days like that Djan. I hope it gets better for you. K D Lang?? hmmm!
    Blessings, Star

  6. Hope today is a better day for you.
    Sunny :)

  7. Disgruntled is such a funny word. Just saying it has to cheer you up a little, right?

  8. I feel better when I throw something. I will go do that now and see if it helps you somehow :)
    About that mac OS. My daughter hates it. She has had all kinds of freeze ups with it. Hope you get yours working.

  9. Oh, how these little humming boxes can make us miserable! Being without them is even worse!


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