Thursday, June 25, 2009

Horseshoe Bend

Old growth forests, how amazing! We had such a wonderful time hiking to Horseshoe Bend and then spending some time in the presence of these old trees. I tried my best in the picture to show how incredible this Old Treebeard is, but it was pretty difficult. But if you can imagine that the trunk actually is the same size all the way up to the top, you can see it's a big'un. I learned that these trees are probably 500 years old, so it was a seedling when the Ottoman Empire was young.

We Seniors thought that the Horseshoe Bend trail was three miles out and three miles back, but we discovered (as we earned our name "Trailblazers" while we bushwhacked around looking for the trail going farther in) that the trail is a loop of only three miles total. So we headed up the Mt. Baker Highway to see these old growth trees, and then stopped at Nooksack Falls.
Some of us (especially Mike) can be a bit, well, eccentric in our hiking gear. Mike likes to pretend he's the male version of Mary Poppins, and it works pretty well in the rain, most times, but I do remember seeing his umbrella turn inside out in a big windstorm.

Anyway, I spent all day away from my new friends in the blogosphere, so I'll spend some time catching up with everybody and then get horizontal. I don't think we walked more than five miles total today, but for some reason I'm tired and ready to call it a day.


  1. Beautiful scenery! One of these days maybe I'll join you on that hike. I'm tired too. Think I'll say g'nite...

  2. Love that tree! Love that umbrella, too... It sounds like you've found yourself a good group of people to explore with.
    I'm off to watch a video about the Romans... then to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream?

  3. What beauty in that tree....
    I love old trees, thankfully we have several in the woods here. I always wonder what tales they would tell from 100 years ago.
    It looks like you have a fine group of people to hike with, onwards and upwards !

  4. For a moment I thought you were going to say that you climbed up that tree and absailed off of it! I wouldn't be surprised to read that because you are so agile and athletic!
    Amazing tree and I love your friend's umbrella - Chelsea football club colours!
    Blessings, Star


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