Monday, June 29, 2009

Farmers' Market

In response to SquirrelQueen's June Farmers' Market Challenge, I am putting up some pictures I've taken at the Bellingham Market this year. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when I went there last week, where I bought strawberries for the third time, flowers, and kale. And this last Saturday I bought soap, lavender sachets, and a sniffy pouch to clear your sinuses, which I presented to the hubby, who sniffs it regularly. (See the maker of the pouch at her website at Good Natured Earthling. Go to the store, then aromatherapy for more information.)
This was a particularly sweet arrangement of early spring flowers, which I loved, and I just had to buy some. Notice a band playing in the background. This was taken on Opening Day of the 2009 Farmers' Market, which I attended specifically to see this:
On Opening Day, the Bellingham Mayor threw out the First Cabbage, which was caught by the young lady in the right-hand corner of the picture. This auspicious beginning to the 2009 Market, which is held every Saturday in downtown Bellingham, and every Wednesday at the Village Square in Fairhaven, has just about everything anybody could wish for: homemade cheeses, milk, the tastiest eggs I've ever had, jewelry, food vendors, and, of course, in-season veggies. I was shocked when I saw my first kale at least two weeks earlier than I expected. The vendor had grown it in her greenhouse and worried about it every day. And I can truly say I loved it.
The Market is very well attended by many in Bellingham, as you can see. It's really fun to walk through the aisles to greet friends and after a good long while, lug all my purchases home. Bellingham has many things to recommend it, but the Market is one of my favorites.


  1. This sounds like a fun market, much larger than the one we have here. It reminds me of the Portland market a little.
    I have posted you link on my blog. Thanks for taking part in this challenge. I am going to do it again on July 25Th, hope you will have more to post for that one as well.

  2. The market looks delightful and fun. Love tulips. Am curious what herbs are in the "sniffy" pouch. Hubby has sinus and could use one.

  3. That is an incredible farmers market. I live in Michigan and we have a big one called the Eastern Market which is really nice. I am going to make an effort to get there soon so I can check it out and take some pictures.

    I love your blog, Squirrel sent me


  4. I will remember the mayor throwing the first cabbage of the season for a long long time. Great pictures!

  5. My humbled little town needs a bigger market! Maybe I'll get around to snapping some pics to post. It's just a corner at the old depot-turned-bike-trail-station. I don't even need to take my shoes off to count the tents!

  6. Hello . . . the market looks like fun place to shop, seems like you can find all the stuff needed. Anyway I am AL and I found your blog thru SQ, I got an entry for the challenge too. Nice pics!


  7. Wow! All these new friends! Thank you, SquirrelQueen! I want to say welcome to all, and to give you the link to the lady who makes soaps and "sniffy pouches." Her website is called "Good Natured Earthling" and she is really that: Click under "Store" and "aromatherapy" to find out what she puts into the little pouch.

    And I will visit everyone to find out about you, too!

  8. Great visuals and sensory images! I loved my excursion through the Bellingham farmers market...

  9. Well here's another new friend! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You come over as amazingly positive and full of life. I love farmers arkets and we have two near us as my village in sandwiched between two market town here in the UK. Your pictures are fabulous. A wonderful way to get a great look at your life.

  10. We have a small farmers'market on the Square in Marietta, but it is small. Last Saturday we went to the Worthington Farmers' Market in Columbus, and that one was very nice. One stall sold homemade bread; cinnamon bread was so good that I brought it back home to Ga. At the Security at the Columbus airport yesterday, they searched my carry-on because of the smell. When they saw it was the cinnamon bread, the Security person said “maybe you should give me a sample so I know it’s really bread?” I did not fall for that and said no way.


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