Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seattle Flower and Garden Show

On Wednesday, I went to the Seattle Flower and Garden Show with the Senior Activity Center. This is the last year for the show, so I was curious to see what I might have missed if I didn't go this year. Apparently it has been going on for a long time now.

I spent a lot of money (stimulating the economy) but I didn't buy any flowers, since I live in an apartment building and don't have any place to plant them. I did enjoy looking at the wonderful arrangements and landscape ideas, but where I spent my money was in the lavender booth, lots of sachets and a neck warmer (which I've used several times already), a prayer flag, a garlic grater, earrings, and overpriced food and drink. I would go back, although it's a long day, and we Seniors didn't feel like spending more than 6 hours there, with a trip both to and from Bellingham making it a very long day.

But whatever. I met a new friend, Willy, who uses the Senior Center for trips like this one, as well as being a passionate mahjong player. I looked it up (American mahjong being a little different from the Chinese version) and decided that maybe one day I'll try it, but for now, it's amazing how much time gets eaten up on the computer every day, with Facebook being my latest craze. I have 85 friends and I didn't even try very hard!

Anyway, I am looking forward to learning how to use this new blogging tool, to add along with my Mac web page and other networking tools. Funny how much I used to accomplish in a day, when I worked a 40-hour week, and now I get up, go to the Y for a daily workout, and come home to find that it's late morning already.

More later. For now, these first few posts are for finding the USE of this blog.

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  1. I too live in an apartment and find it hard to maintain a garden,i have a few plants though.The flowers are very ptetty!You have more friends than i do on facebook,well,I'm there just to stay in touch with a few relatives.Do you have a page there?


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